Thursday, April 10, 2008

C. Love's Candy Shop

Courtney Love was spotted making her way into and out of the Dolce Club in London, England last night doing her best Annie Hall impersonation while carrying a large and spacious purse ... which begs the question, What in the world could Courtney Love be carrying in such an ample-sized bag? Well, let's take a peek inside and see:

Photo credit: INFdaily and WENN

Hmmm ... why do you suppose C. Love would need so many bottles (I count at least 4 bottles) of prescription pills? The Dolce Club was the site of a Teenage Cancer Trust benefit last night so maybe the meds were party favors found in the event's gift bag? Er, it's doubtful tho ... something tells me that Courtney walked into the joint with all those pills and prolly has them close at hand on her person at all times. To tell you the truth, this information kinda makes Courtney's crazy My Space ramblings make more sense. [Source, Source]