Saturday, May 24, 2008


Those industrious chaps at TMZ got themselves a-hold of recorded phone conversations between the currently incarcerated Nick Hogan (who is serving an 8 month jail sentence for causing an accident that nearly killed his friend John Graziano and has left him hospitalized in a semi-vegetative state) and his parents Hulk/Terry and Linda Hogan wherein Nick complains about how difficult it is for him to handle the reality of incarceration, he blames what happened to Graziano on Graziano because he was a "negative person" and wherein Nick's parents soothe their imprisoned son by talking ill of Graziano's family -- specifically his mother who Mama Hogan calls "nasty and vindictive":

I'm absolutely stunned that these self-righteous and egotistical people are able to properly function in society. Never once does anyone lay any of the blame for this horrible accident (and the numerous accidents and traffic infringements that occurred before this most recent one that almost killed a man) on Nick -- who was drinking and driving on the night of the occurrence. Linda Hogan thinks that Graziano's mother is vindictive? Well, if some idiot kid almost killed my son and left him totally incapacitated in a hospital then I might be a little pissed myself. For Linda Hogan to claim that she is suffering more than Graziano's mother is a complete joke. These people seem like horrible people to me ... hearing their conversations really show what they are all about -- themselves. You'd think that the Hogan parents would be ecstatic that their son wasn't killed or even injured in any way considering the magnitude of this accident. You'd think the Hogan parents would spend as much time as they can teaching their son that he was at fault and he should be sorry for almost killing a man. You'd think they'd be so willing to do anything they can with their outrageous wealth to try and help the Graziano family heal in any way possible. You'd think. In one of the conversations, Hulk and Nick talk strategy on how to get a TV show out of Nick's eventual release from jail -- if there is any justice in the world, they will not only NOT get a TV show like this but they will also lose every penny they have in a lawsuit brought against them by the Graziano family and that they will really understand what suffering is. I hope they are prepared for the karmic retribution that is to come ... my guess is that they have no idea. [Source, Source, Source]