Friday, May 23, 2008

The TV Guide: Back In The Big Apple

Well, I made to NYC without incident last night, just in time to enjoy the wonderful weather that just arrived as well. I flew out from LAX on a Virgin America flight which was really cool until my TV stopped worked midway thru the flight and couldn't be fixed. I think my heart still belongs to Jet Blue -- fortunately, I'll be flying home on Jet Blue on Tuesday.

As I mentioned before, I caught some of the Brooklyn Bridge Birthday fireworks on my way to David's place -- which was very, very cool. This afternoon, I'm meeting up with Monique for some shopping in SoHo and then David and I are meeting up with our friends Andy and Dave for dinner.

I have a couple of fun things planned for this Memorial Day weekend but overall, I'm planning on spending the lion's share of my time solely with David. We had a very nice night last night and we've got a date planned for tomorrow night ... I'm really happy to be here so soon after my last trip :)

I realize that a great many of you will be ditching work early today for the Memorial Day Weekend (and I'm planning to take it easy this afternoon as well) ... I hope ya'll have a fun, safe weekend :)