Friday, May 23, 2008

The Big Gal On Campus

Pink reader Courtney recently learned that her boss went to school with Tori Amos (who was then known as Ellen Amos) and sends in a few pics from Tori's senior yearbook. Here are pics of Tori as the Senior Princess along with a few members of her court and her prince:

I've seen a few photos of Tori back in her high school days but I don't recall seeing her princess photo so clearly. According to Courtney's boss, Myra Ellen was very popular in school -- she was voted Most Talented, Most Likely to Succeed and Best All-Around in her senior class. It's clear she was quite the beauty back then that she is now. I love this pic, much love and thanks goes out to Courtney and her boss for sharing :) [thanks Courtney]