Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Bea-Day!

My fave Golden Girl, Bea Arthur, is celebrating her 86th birthday today and I thought it would be appropriate to show her some birthday lurve on the blog. I've been a Bea Arthur fan since the Maude days and absolutely love her almost more than life itself on The Golden Girls:

In fact, GG is on my TV right now as I am typing this (it's the clip-show episode where the girls are reminiscing about how they came to live together since they can't sleep after having just watched Psycho). I DVR every ep of GG that airs on Lifetime every day so that I can play the eps in the background while I blog ... and that's prolly more information than really needs to be shared. Anyways, much love and a very Happy Birthday goes out to Bea today ... may she enjoy many more happy birthdays in the years to come! XOXO

UPDATE: Best Week Ever has compiled the Top 10 Best Bea Arthur Moments in honor of her birthday today. Click HERE to check 'em out.