Monday, May 12, 2008

Sean Vs. Shawn

Readers of UK Cosmopolitan magazine know that each issue features a cavalcade of nekkid dudes in the centrefold portion of the mag ... and this month, they've really outdone themselves. I suppose these pics are marginally NSFW but they really don't show any nekkid bits ... just a lot of really hawt male skin so scroll down at your own risk.

This month's batch of nekkid Cosmo men includes the insanely hawt Sean Faris (Never Back Down) and the insanely cute Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) ... so the question becomes, which Sean/Shawn is the hotter one?

Mr. Faris has the unfair advantage of being both nekkid and wet (Lord, have mercy) but Mr. Ashmore really knows how to fill out that Canadian flag. To be completely honest, they've both got their own individual appeal so I'll be a stand-up guy and call it a tie. Woot! If the US version of Cosmo magazine had this feature in their magazine, I'd happily sign up for a subscription immediately :) [Source]