Thursday, January 03, 2008

Same Story, Different Year

Britney Spears managed to ring in the New Year relatively quietly this year as she partied out of sight of the ever-watchful paparazzi. But now, at only the 3rd day of the New Year, she has re-emerged with some bit of controversy, her usual brand of craziness and an outlook for a 2008 that looks to be filled with more of the same lunacy that plagued her in recent years. So much for starting fresh at the New Year. Here are a couple of the first pics of Britney this year as she drove around town, crazy weave in full effect, while her third set of attorneys filed paper work with the court to be removed from her never-ending child custody case ... can no one stop the insanity?!?

Photo credit: X17

Britney Spears's latest lawyer, Sorrell Trope, filed a request Wednesday to withdraw from the singer's custody case, court documents show. "There has been a breakdown in communications between (Spears) and Trope & Trope (law firm) making further representation of her interests impossible," says the document. Trope gave no further details. But he told PEOPLE the ultimate decision to quit isn't up to him. "A lawyer cannot simply withdraw from a case," he says. "We will ask the court to relieve us." A hearing is set for Feb. 4. That will be followed by a hearing for Spears and Kevin Federline in the custody case on Feb. 19. Trope was Spears's third lawyer in her ongoing battle with her ex-husband. Her first attorney, Laura Wasser, resigned from her case in September shortly after Spears's divorce from Federline was finalized. Spears then hired the firm Freid & Goldsman, but their relationship ended within days. TMZ reports that Britney failed to show up for a face-to-face deposition with Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, again for the 5th time, this week which is what led Britney's attorney to petition the court that he be removed as her legal representation:

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' deposition was scheduled today and she didn't show -- again! If we're counting correctly, this is the fifth time her scheduled deposition in the custody case didn't happen. Last month, Britney claimed she was too ill to sit for her depo, yet TMZ caught her out partying that same night. Sources say the fact that she didn't show for the depo was a factor in her lawyers' decision to file papers today asking to withdraw as counsel, but it was only one of many reasons. As one connected source put it, "Her whole life has become insane and it's impossible for anyone to get through to her." I can't believe how shocked I am at how much worse things keep getting for the once beloved Britney Spears. She continues to crash and burn and plummet back down to Earth ... she will eventually crash once-and-for-all and I fear that there will be nothing left upon impact. Damn ... it looks as if Britney's attorneys aren't the only ones close to her that are trying to break free from her craziness ... here are a couple of cute pics of Brit Brit's youngest son, Jayden James, vainly trying to escape to freedom:

Photo credit: X17

Perhaps little Jayden is also getting tired of all of his mother's crazy bullshizz ... which she is letting her legal struggle to gain custody of her children fall apart at the seams, she seems to have no problem finding comfort in the arms of her favorite photog: Is Britney Spears sleeping with the enemy – literally? The troubled pop star has spent recent weeks with a photographer from the crowd of paparazzi following her day and night. They've been seen going into two hotels together, most recently early Wednesday in Palm Springs before returning to her home later in the day. Spears, 26, and Adnan Ghalib, 35, who works for an agency called FinalPixx, checked into the Le Parker Meridien Hotel at 2:30 a.m., a source says. Wearing a black wig and sunglasses, Spears went to one of the $1,200-a-night-plus villas, with Ghalib and two other men – apparently security guards – following them ... They were seen checking out five hours later, at 7:30 a.m. Ghalib has declined to comment. But he told ABC's 20/20 that he's made up to $200,000 a year as a photographer following Spears. He called her "awesome." "I think she's a great person," he told the show. "It's unfortunate that she's the way she is, because of the people she surrounds herself with." The whole sorry mess just keeps getting sadder and sadder. It is plainly obvious that her priority is not her children. It now seems to me that her desire to continue this custody battle against K-Fed is only so that she won't have to cave to him ... I don't know that I believe that she really has an interest in taking full care of her children. How much worse can her situation get? I'm so afraid to ask because I don't know that I really want to find out the answer ... it seems that with enough time, we'll find out :( Run Jayden ... if you ever do find that glass door unlocked and open you grab your brother and you run for your lives. So sad :( [Source]


Blah ... let's move on to something more fun and less tragic. At long last, this season of Project Runway finally busted out one of those really inventive challenges that the show is usually known for. I dunno why the PR folks decided to wait until the 6th episode to feature this challenge but I'm just glad they did it. This challenge finally felt like I was watching Project Runway and not some crappy knock-off show:

In years past, Project Runway usually opens the season with a challenge like last night's Hershey's Challenge. It's stuff like forcing the designers to make clothes out of candy that really shows the inventiveness and talent of the contestants. I am a bit bummed that I still find the designers are still overwhelmingly boring ... in that no one really stands out with any character. There ain't a Zulema, an Austin Scarlett or a Santino in the bunch. A few of them have their traits (Elisa is the crazy one, Christian is the annoying one and Victorya is the bitchy one) but none of them really stand out enough for me to either love or hate them. That being said, I do have my favorites and I am still enjoying the show. I have to give much props to Jillian for pulling her design idea together enough to have a garment made out of licorice make it successfully down the runway. She was the only one who took the risk of making an outfit out of actual food and I'm so glad she was successful. Honestly, I don't really get why everyone went ga-ga over the finished product, tho. I fully expected Nina Garcia or Michael Kors to hate it but they were both charmed by the final look of the dress. I found it impressive that she managed to pull it together but the look of it didn't really work for me. I LOVED Rami's dress ... I knew he was gonna win ... but I also really liked Ricky's dress. His looked really inventive ... and even looked a bit like a Hershey's Kiss ... all that was missing was the flag sticking out of her head. My bottom two would've been Elisa and Victorya ... her dress was so fug, so poorly put together. For all her high and mighty talk about her skill none of it really showed last night. I thought that Sweet P's dress, while simple, looked a helluva lot better than Victorya's did. I kinda had the feeling that Elisa's time was about to run out ... when she started talking about how she survived a car accident that split open her head and broke her neck (which kinda explains a lot about her, btw) I knew her time was up. The producers would only save a story like that for a contestant's last show. I know a lot of people missed last night's ep because they didn't know there was a new ep this week so I'm sure many of y'all will be watching it on DVR or reruns. It was a good one ... prolly the best ep/challenge thus far. [Source]

Newly married Katherine Heigl spent part of her week shopping for furniture with her mother (new hubby Josh Kelley was no where in sight) before she and the husband packed up their things and flew off to Mexico to enjoy their honeymoon together ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

I love it ... married just a couple of weeks and Katherine is already laying down the law. She and Josh did not live together before their nuptials ... so of course, it would be Katherine and her mother shopping for the furniture in their new home. Awww ... it really looks like Katherine is ready to show Josh what being a married man is all about. [Source]

Also on vacation this week is 80's superstar Cyndi Lauper ... here are a couple pictures of Cyndi catching some rays on a beach in Maui, HI as she taps away on her laptop computer:

Photo credit: Splash News

Honestly, I just wanted to use these pictures because of the witty caption I came up with ... altho, the pale Ms. Lauper does look like she could use a splash of color. [Source]

Elsewhere in Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, to be exact) another pretty famous face is also sunnin' her buns as she vacations her way into the new year:

Photo credit: Splash News
Click above to find out who it is

Can you guess who these luscious buns belong to? [Source]

While we await the release of new photos from David Beckham's new ad campaign for Armani Underwear let's try and content ourselves with these new pictures of Giorgio Armani proudly showing off a different pair of too sexy bikini pants:

Photo credit: INFdaily

It goes without saying that I am really bummed that the new half-nekkid pics of Becks have yet to be released despite the promise that they would be released on on January 1. It should also go without saying that I'm really bummed that I have to content myself with pics of Armani himself in his skimpy shorts. [Source]

Pink reader Teri was on hand to ring in the new year in Las Vegas alongside a whole slew of celebs and she sends in these photos of Mr. Brody Jenner workin' his magic on a lovely lady at LAX nightclub ... who was not Lauren LC Conrad:

It's unclear whether or not this new chick got far enough along with Brody to make it into his coveted iPhone contacts list ... but one can imagine that even if he did procure her digits, he isn't all that likely to actually use them to call her ever again. He is such a cad. [thanks Teri]

Despite declarations to the contrary, this new photo of Nicole Kidman out for a bite to eat with her hubby Keith Urban seems to show that she is rockin' a serious baby bump ... okay, maybe not a "serious" bump but there does appear to be something there:

In discovering a sudden affinity for billowing floral-print maternity dresses, Nicole Kidman is doing little to quell growing speculation that she is expecting her first natural child. The Oscar-winning actress is most often pictured wearing clothes which cling to her, making the most of the honed tummy she spends hours in the gym perfecting. Yet the attire was noticeably more comfortable as she stepped out yesterday for lunch with husband of 18-months, the country singer Keith Urban, in her home city of Sydney. Her dress even appeared to balloon out markedly below a very high waist band. Earlier this week, this newspaper revealed that the actress had told both of their sets of relatives over the Christmas break that she was indeed with child. Since that time further details have emerged about the pregnancy. Friends have told the Mail how Miss Kidman hopes to give birth at a private hospital in Sydney, and is keen to have the child raised as much as possible in Australia, to retain a "national identity". Both Kidman and Urban were raised in Australia. Hmmm ... it is all very intriguing ... but we've been here before. On the one hand, I can understand why Nicole would want to keep the news to herself if she really is pregs ... I wouldn't want to jinx anything if I were her. Then again ... it could all be wishful thinking. So many media outlets try and be the first with this sort of news, even if they don't really know it's true, just so they can have the scoop ... if they do it enough times, they're bound to get it right eventually. I just want Nicole to have a baby of her own ... and really, shouldn't that be reason enough for her to get pregs? [Source]

Ryan Reynolds was spotted this week lookin' all hawt and shizz as he hopped on his Ducati motorcyle and sped around town in LA:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know, there ain't enough Ryan Reynolds in the world. I think we need much more of his hawtness around here. [Source]

Aww ... here are new pictures of Larry Birkhead and his grumpy little darling Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith Stern Birkhead as they tried to make their way thru LAX airport after spending the holidays with his family back in Louisville, KY:

Photo credit: Splash News

The poor little lamb seems so over all the craziness that her life entails .. and she only has many, many, many, many more years of insanity ahead. At least little Dannilynn has got a loving father to look after her best interests ... and her capital and her immense fortune. [Source]

In other daddy news, here are even more pics of Brad Pitt taking his newest son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt out to pick up some sweets together in New Orleans, LA this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Don't they look like the cutest best buds. I have to admit, I really love posting pictures of this happy family ... but don't we all think it's time for Brangelina to jet off and adopt the newest member of their family? Pax is all cute and stuff .. but it's about time for some fresh blood. [Source]

As I mentioned above, we are STILL waiting the official release of new photos from the David Beckham Armani Underwear campaign but we do have today a new photo to promote the latest dVb fragrance Intimately Beckham:

Eh, there may not be any nekkidness ... and there's far too much Vicki B. ... but I'll take what I can get in the meantime.

It should come as no surprise that Matthew McConaughey knows how to stuff his shorts ... but this is ridiculous:

Have we been led astray? Is this the secret of his success? Inquiring minds want to know. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Kathlin sends in this curious photo that may or may not be Zac Efron posing with a bong ... presumably smoking more than mere tobacco:

It's absolutely unclear whether or not it's really him or not but there is a resemblance ... I mean, going by the hat alone, it looks like him. As with all photos culled from My Space and Facebook profiles (where this pic came from), this photo should be taken with some suspect ... but then again, remember those Vanessa Hudgens nudie pics that came out last year? Man, Disney kids know how to par-tay!!! [thanks Kathlin]

Les News:
Sooo ... it turns out that I have fully recovered from my New Year's Eve malaise only to begin to feel the first stirrings of a good old fashioned cold. I've not totally succumbed to the illness so I've been doing all I can to fight it off (cocktails of Airborne and OJ mixed with shots of Nyquil usually do the trick) and so far, so good. It got really effing cold here in NYC so David and I have barely ventured out. We do have plans tonight tho, the last portion of my Xmas gift for him ... we're going to another DRIV-In movie tonight.

Blah ... I'm trying to make the most of the new year so far but it's not been all fun. I'm just glad that I've been able to be with David -- he is the absolute best. Feeling sick ain't quite so bad when you've got a hawt private nurse taking care of you like my boo :)

That is all ... I'm out.