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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dr. Phil Speaks!

Dr. Phil has released an official statement to Entertainment Tonight regarding Britney Spears's release from the hospital today ... the allusion is that he had nothing to do with her release:

"My meeting with Britney and some family members this morning in her room at Cedars leaves me convinced more than ever that she is in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention. She was released moments before my arrival and was packing when I entered the room. We visited for about an hour before I walked with her to her car. I am very concerned for her."

Wow. And the craziness just keeps on coming. If Dr. Phil isn't responsible for her release ... then what the hell is the Spears family thinking helping her get out of receiving the medical attention she desperately needs? [Source]

I fear things may get even worse ...


The Aftermath

Ye Gods ... just when you thought that things couldn't possibly get any crazier in this whole Britney Spears Loses Her Mind Fiasco of '08 -- Dr. Phil has to stick his nose into the sordid situation and get involved. As we try to process the news that Britney has been released from the hospital one day after she was admitted in order to undergo a 72-hour psychological evaluation after she locked herself in a room with her youngest son, Jayden James, instead of handing her children over to their father Kevin Federline at the appointed time on Thursday night, let's try and take things on bit at a time as we make our way thru another crazed-filled day of goss.

As was expected by prolly every person on Earth, the Family Court found favor in the argument presented before it by Mark Vincent Kaplan, the attorney representing K-Fed, that Britney Spears should be stripped of all visitation rights to her children. From this point forward and until further notice by the court (at least until January 14th), Britney Spears is to enjoy no custodial rights with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James:

Britney Spears lost her child-visitation rights Friday following her 72-hour lockdown for a mental evaluation. Kevin Federline is "awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the minor children," court Commissioner Scott Gordon said in a written ruling after an emergency hearing. Gordon said Spears's "visitation with the minor children is suspended pending further order of the court." The order is in effect until Jan. 14. After the 40-minute hearing, Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said: "There are no winners here." He said he was "not happy about any of the events that have happened." This news should come as no surprise to anyone at this point. Honestly, the surprising thing to me is that this hasn't happened sooner ... then again, these sorts of precautions rarely occur before an incident like Thursday night's do ... so much benefit of the doubt is given in familial custodial disputes. [Source]

Britney's father and apparent new BFF to Dr. Phil, Jamie Spears, lives in SoCal so he was able to be by Britney's side on the night she was admitted to the hospital. Her mother, Lynne Spears, lives in Louisiana (where she has been taking care of the other Spears family mess -- Jamie-Lynn's unplanned pregnancy) and was not able to be immediately by her eldest daughter's side ... but she was available for comment via telephone. Mama Lynne didn't really have much to say when Access Hollywood rang her up -- tho, she did ask that everyone just keep Britney in their prayers:

Britney Spears's mother is asking for "prayers" following the news of her daughter's hospitalization. On Friday, Lynne Spears was "extremely distraught" on the phone, and said, "Just say prayers," when reached by Access Hollywood. Lynne, who's been in constant contact with Britney, and 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn have been in seclusion following the December bombshell that Jamie Lynn is pregnant. The two were spotted Friday afternoon arriving at their home in Kentwood, La., from an undisclosed location. Meanwhile, the whole family is "terrified" about the situation, a source close to the family tells PEOPLE. "Everyone has been worried for some time," says the source. "Her world has been crumbling around her and this is another call for help. Her parents are just devastated. Nobody knows if they can take much more, but they're trying to be as strong as they can." Spears's father Jamie was at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Thursday night, and her older brother Bryan was expected to show up Friday, according to a source. It makes sense that the Spears family would rally around Britney in her time of need ... but I can't shake the feeling that Dr. Phil's interference right now is not in Britney's best interest. I can just imagine it now ... Dr. Phil prolly contacted the family (or has been in contact with them since news broke about JL's pregnancy, seeking to exploit that tragedy first) and convinced them that HE knows what is best for Britney and HE will be able to get her the best help. I find it very hard to believe that Dr. Phil would be doing any of this out of the goodness of his heart ... his help comes at a cost ... I fully expect to see the Spears family, in some way, shape or form, on his show in the very near future. I suggest y'all pray as well ... pray that Dr. Phil's interference does not cause more harm than good. [Source]

My friend Leora, in an attempt to bring some light to the situation, created a new SIMS video clip that features a SIMSified Britney Spears doing a performance of her hit song (You Drive Me) Crazy while in the care of the medical professionals at Cedars-Sinai Hospital:

The full video can be seen HERE. Rather than attempting to make fun of her, I feel this video is just a cute way to try and lighten-up the mood surrounding this intense situation. [Source]

In other Spears news, Nickelodeon aired the season 3 finale episode/movie of Jamie-Lynn Spears's teen TV show Zoey 101 and announced this week that the network would be going ahead with airing the already filmed fourth and final season of the show ... despite the fact that JL is now an unwed 16-year old mother to be:

She's already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could Jamie Lynn Spears get into? Nothing involving her show "Zoey 101," according to Nickelodeon, which set the record straight Thursday (January 3) regarding rumors the network was yanking the show in light of Spears' much-publicized situation. "No truth to that rumor," the show's spokesman Dan Martinsen told MTV News. "We have not made any change to our schedule." The fourth and final season of the show, which has already completed production, is set to begin airing in February. As a dutiful blogger trying to keep my fingers firmly on the pulse, I tuned in last night to watch the third season finale of Zoey 101, titled Goodbye Zoey, and midway thru I really wanted to gouge my eyes out. The show is so horrible, I can't understand how kids can even be entertained by a show like that. It make the writing on Saved By The Bell look like Shakespeare. But I digress ... it makes sense that Nickelodeon would choose to air the final season since it's already been filmed, it would be a huge waste of money not to. The controversy surrounding JL's unplanned pregnancy might even win the show higher ratings -- tho I shant be tuning in again. Gee ... selling kids can be so profitable sometimes. [Source]

Okay ... enough Spearsness for one day ... let's move on ... here is a new picture of the beautifully radiant Xtina Aguilera out for a stroll in Beverly Hils, CA with her ever-growing baby bump:

Man ... her life is so different from Britney Spears life right now. Back in the day, Xtina played #2 to everything that Britney did successfully ... and now see how things turned out. It's not always great being #1 -- you have much further to fall when things aren't going so well. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is back on US soil after spending some time in Italy where she macked on some mens and chugged from a bottle of booze ... here are pics of Lindsay arriving in NYC at JFK Airport where she was greeted by her loving father Michael Lohan:

Photo credit: Splash News

Lindsay has been thru her fair share of missteps but thankfully she continues to stay resolute in staying clean and sober. It's nice that her life is calming down a bit ... hopefully she'll be able to stay out of trubs from here on out. [Source]

The Spice Girls continue to thrill audiences around the world as their Reunion Tour rolls across the globe ... here is a new picture of Scary Spice grabbing ahold of Posh Spice's fake plastic boob while on stage in London:

Yeah, I got nothing. Maybe being on tour isn't as exciting as it once was and this is the only way to keep things interesting. [Source]

If at first you don't divorce ... try and try again. It appears that Pamela Anderson has definitely made up her mind and has decided that she really doesn't want to be married to her newest husband Rick Solomon after all. After failing to divorce him for the first time in late 2007 (mere weeks after they were married in the first place), Pammy pie has decided to give it another go and divorce his ass again:

Off, on, and now off – again. has learned that Pamela Anderson had divorce papers personally served to Rick Salomon on Dec. 28. The papers were served two weeks after Anderson first filed for divorce from Salomon, a decision she rescinded just a few hours later with a blog post that they were "working things out." Seen alone on New Year's Eve, Anderson recently blogged on her site: "2007 was an interesting year for me. What's the definition of insanity? This is the year I do everything I wanted to do – my way... I'm going to be proud of every single day – and make sure I do not veer from the path." Anderson, 40, stated in her divorce request that she and Salomon were married from Oct. 6 to Dec. 13. I hope, for stupid Rick's sake, that this divorce finally happens. Trust me, I'm no fan of Rick Solomon but I don't know that I'd wish marriage to Pamela Anderson on anyone. [Source]

Here is a cute picture of Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson taking a stroll together as they continue to vacation in Maui, HI:

After the pair hit up Peru and then Miami, FL they seem to have made their way to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. I hadn't really thought about it before ... but they kinda make a great couple, don't you think? If they keep this up ... they might have to get a cute name together, no? [Source]

Matthew Fox is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new Winter TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine wherein he talks about the new season of his hit show Lost ... here are a few pics:

During a strike-created break from shooting season 4 — eight episodes were completed before the shutdown — we caught up with Fox (who also stars in next month's political thriller Vantage Point) near his Manhattan Beach, Calif., home. He looked back at the finale as well as the producers' decision to end Lost for good after 48 more episodes, and even offered us a peek into the future before the series returns on Jan. 31 (now on Thursdays at 9 p.m. — set those DVRs!). "I think the show's going to be better in its last three seasons than it was in the first three," he notes, adding, "There's going to be some huge mind-blowing s---." You heard the man: Helmets on. As usual, EW manages to come up with the best interviews which offer up the best new information regarding everything to do with Entertainment. I tried my best to NOT READ this interview so I wouldn't be spoiled but I just couldn't help it ... if YOU TOO would like to read the rest of this interview to find out what Matthew has to say about season 4 of Lost you can click HERE ... I think you will not be sorry. [Source]

And finally ... it's time for this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers, the first of 2008 -- Danielle sends in a pic taken by her friend Pieta as they rang in 2008 in PINK style -- Pauly, from Montreal, Canada, sends in a pic with a few friends and some beautiful angels celebrating 2008 as they paried at GOGO Lounge -- Karla from Honduras in Central America sends in a pic of the adorable new puppy she got for Xmas -- Chuck sends in a pic with some friends as they partied in Nuevo Mexico -- Liz, who unfortch broke her fibula, sends in a pic of her hawt pink cast:

Again, Happy New Year and much love to you all. Thank you so much for all your amazing pictures, they are a treat to check out each week. I love all y'all for taking the time to share your good times with all of us :) xoxoxo

Les News:
Blaurgh ... I am still not feeling so hot ... yesterday was a pretty crappy day but I am feeling better today. I'm scheduled to leave for LA tomorrow night and I vowed not to travel if I wasn't feeling well enough in time. I'll know by tonight if I feel up for flying home tomorrow.

David has been the absolute best boyfriend EVER. He has been making my illness so much more bearable just by taking such good care of me and without complaint. It's no wonder I'm feeling better already.

Tonight, we're heading out to have dinner with his cousin Carren and her parents in town and maybe a movie after. I don't want to overdo it and it is cold outside but I'm so tired of beign cooped up in his apartment.

Have a great Saturday, y'all. I'm out.


Freed Britney! Dr. Phil Springs Brit Brit From The Hospital is reporting that Britney Spears has been released from Cedars-Sinai Hospital after receiving a visit from Dr. Phil and her father Jamie Spears earlier this morning. TMZ is reporting that Britney has been raging against her captivity since she was admitted yesterday ... which, presumably, led to the visit from Dr. Phil and Papa Spears ... which, again presumably, led to her release from the hospital, well under the reported 72-hour stay for a routine psychological evaluation:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Sources tell ET that the pop star was released this morning via an underground tunnel. DR. PHIL was seen in the hospital visiting with BRITNEY and members of her family prior to her release, and he even walked the "Toxic" singer to her car afterward, sources tell us. According to the hospital, there was no reason to hold Britney any longer, ET has learned. Before she was released today, Britney was, apparently, far from a model patient: We are hearing from multiple sources that Britney Spears is throwing a fit on the 7th floor of Cedars-Sinai. She is demanding to leave, screaming at the staff, will not lie or sit still, we're told ... We have also been told she has pulled her IV out and is generally out of control. It appears to me that Dr. Phil, with the help and authority of Britney's father Jamie Spears, has swooped in to offer his brand of help that is sure to land her, in some way or form, on his nationally syndicated TV show. To say that this shocking development alarms me would be an understatement. I have a hard time believing that this action on the part of Dr. Phil (who I find generally pompous, irritating and extremely unsavory over all) and Jamie Spears (who I find generally at a loss at what to do as a parent to his children) somewhat detrimental to Britney's well-being. Exploited to the last? That remains to be seen ... all we know at this point is that she is no longer under the expert care of the trained medical professionals at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. [Source, Source]

My guess is that she will be spirited away to some undisclosed treatment facility out of state and out of sight. It is also my guess that we may not see her again until she shows up on the Dr. Phil Show ... unless the everzealous paparazzi find her first.

The full day's post is on the way ...



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