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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Take Cover

After the craziness that went down late Thursday night/early Friday morning, you remember -- when Britney Spears was ripped from her Studio City Mansion by paramedics who strapped her down to a gurney so that they could transport her to Cedars-Sinai Hospital so that she could be put on 72-hour lockdown to undergo a psychological evaluation -- you might expect that things in Britneyland would level off and reach some semblance of normalcy, at least for a little while. Yeah, I don't think that is really the case right now ... especially when you consider that Britney managed to check herself out of the hospital the day after she was admitted, despite the attempted interference by Dr. Phil and her father Jamie Spears, and is now currently on the loose. Here are the first pictures of Britney Spears back behind the wheel of her white Mercedes which were captured in new video by and

This video was taken mere moments after Britney checked herself out of the hospital ... she decided that she wanted to go for a spin, noticed the paparazzi and went right back to the safety of her gated community. As crazy as the real events that played out on TV screens all day Friday were they're not nearly as crazy as the report that was just released by the ever-entertaining News of the World. According to them, there was a gun involved, piles of pills and a K-Fed who claims he was offered $100 million for the kids:

A panic call from Britney Spears' husband sparked her stand-off with cops - because he feared she would SHOOT DEAD their two sons. As Brit left hospital, a pal said: "K-Fed was terrified. He realised she had a gun where she was holding them." We can reveal that Kevin Federline feared his ex would use the Beretta pistol he bought her as a birthday gift to MURDER their two young sons. And it was his desperate call for help that started the dramatic three-hour siege at her Hollywood home as she held armed cops and a specialist SWAT team at bay and refused to hand over the boys ... The News of the World can reveal that K-Fed, 29, panicked on Thursday night after realising the fallen pop princess kept the handgun—a Beretta 92FS—in the master bedroom where she was holding the kids, Jayden James, one, and Sean Preston, two. Convinced that in her out-of-control state she would use the weapon to kill the lads then turn it on her herself, the wannabe rapper rang his lawyers who alerted the authorities. Last night as Britney was sensationally released from hospital after throwing a tantrum, a source close to the warring couple revealed: "Kevin knew she was on the edge and might snap at any time. "Knowing there were TWO firearms in the house, including the Beretta, he wasn't taking any chances— hence the massive police response." In the most nightmare week yet of Britney's crazed life, we can also reveal that although NOT high on illegal drugs she: SWALLOWED bottles of 'hillbilly heroin'—a highly-addictive drug called OxyContin that's killed hundreds in America, BINGED on a mindbending cocktail of more prescription drugs before defying the police, PLEADED with Kevin to SELL her the kids for a multi-million payoff in a tearful phone call, FOUGHT with bodyguards to hang on to her children, BASHED her own head against the wall in a fit of blind rage.

Don't you just love how News of the World never seems to go overboard with the hyperbole? OY! And the report goes on from here:

CRAZED BRITNEY swallowed a deadly cocktail of more than ONE HUNDRED prescription tablets in the 36 hours before her custody meltdown, the News of the World can reveal. And the singer washed them all down with a Purple Monster— a mind-blowing home-made cocktail of vodka, American Nyquil anti-flu syrup and an energy drink like Red Bull. A long-term friend of the star told us: "It looks like everything in her medicine cabinet went down her neck. It seems she was only saved from falling into a coma as the drugs in her system almost counteracted each other." The cocktail included: TWO bottles of Nyquil, TWENTY diet pills, including her favourite brand Clenbuterol, EIGHTEEN herbal uppers specially ordered over the internet, EIGHTEEN Piriton antihistamine tablets, TWELVE Vicodin painkillers, TEN sleeping pills, UP TO eight antacid reflux tabs, ONE bottle of stomach upset mixture Pepto Bismol, TEN Zantac tablets, an anti-hangover and indigestion drug, SIX Ritalin, for her attention deficit disorder issues, TWO empty bottles of painkiller Oxycontin, known as hillbilly heroin, were also found at her home. Her pal said: "Britney is always taking something to ease her nerves or keep her weight down. But her instability meant she just wanted an instant cure to all her anxieties, so she just kept taking more and more drugs and drink until she felt it worked. She told us she made a Purple Monster to calm her nerves. She has had this weird concoction in the past, and only takes it when she is seriously disturbed."

Isn't it amazing how a British tabloid like News of the World could have such precise information about every single ingredient of this "deadly cocktail"? I'm sorry ... I know that Brit Brit is a major mess right about now but this description of "how things went down" simply cannot be believed ... or maybe I don't want to believe it ... whatevs, I simply don't buy it. [Source, Source]

Nor do I buy FOR A SECOND that Dr. Phil has Britney Spears's best interests at heart at all in this matter. First we heard that he showed up at the hospital for a visit and then shortly thereafter Britney walked herself out of the hospital ... Dr. Phil issued a statement that made it seem like he was a welcome guest to her hospital room but now TMZ is reporting that nothing could be further from the truth. His interference was NOT WANTED by Britney at all ... he was, apparently, acting on the authority of Papa Jamie Spears, who seems clearly ill-equipped to be handling anything having to do with Britney Spears and her tenuous welfare:

TMZ has learned Dr. Phil's visit with Britney Spears was not exactly as advertised. People on the 7th floor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center say the doctor arrived about 7:30 AM Saturday. We're told Britney did not invite him in; she didn't even know he was coming. Sources say it was Brit's parents who told Dr. Phil to go to the hospital. When he walked into her room, we're told, a blindsided Britney walked out -- and eventually came back. Sources say Phil tried speaking with Spears for about 15 minutes -- not an hour as Dr. Phil's press release states -- but she wanted none of it. We're told Phil was doing almost all the talking. As for walking with her to the car on her way out -- again, as his release states -- we're told if he was walking behind her, that's news to her. She absolutely was not accompanied by him. Sources say Dr. Phil somehow convinced Brit's mom and dad to be on his show, which will tape Monday and air Tuesday (it was just moved up a day), but as one person put it, "Based on the interaction between Dr. Phil and Britney this morning, it'll be a cold day in hell before Britney goes on his show." We're told she absolutely will not appear on the program ... TMZ contacted Cedars to find out why the hospital let a television doctor on a floor that has such fragile patients, particularly since Britney had no idea he was coming. It's especially troublesome that Cedars let Dr. Phil go uninvited to Britney's room, since she had already been discharged and presumably had a right to know if someone wanted to visit. A Cedars rep made it short and sweet, telling us, "No comment." A rep from the "Dr. Phil" show had no comment as well, other than "Dr. Phil met with Ms. Spears at family members' invitation."

Yeah that sounds about right. I find Dr. Phil so extremely exploitive it's nauseating ... and if a family member, like say Papa Jamie Spears, thinks he is the answer to Britney's problems then she is in a SORRY state of affairs. The way I see it, there isn't a single positive thing working out in Britney's favor in any of this. I find it hard to believe that anyone at this point will be able to help her now. She doesn't want help, her family members have no idea how to make her get help ... what could possibly be next? I'm at a complete and total loss ... utterly and entirely. [Source]

I know I'm not the only one out there trying to wrap my head around every single development in this UTTERLY INSANE Britney Spears situation ... here is a picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who I collectively refer to as B-Jay, logging onto Pink is the new Blog to find out the latest:

Okay ... so maybe this picture was taken backstage in Las Vegas days before Britney suffered her latest meltdown but you just know that pretty much everyone with a laptop computer is keeping an eye on this story. It's just too freaking insane ... do you realize that it hasn't even been a full week of 2008 yet? Sigh. I remember thinking that last year's meltdown, the one where Britney shaved her head and went apeshizz, was the lowest she could go ... now I'm afraid to even wonder how much more worse it could get. [Source]

In non crazy-celeb news, a whole bunch of folks made their way down to Palm Springs, CA for the 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival which took place at the Palm Springs Convention Center this weekend ... here are a few pics from the arrivals:

Photo credit: Splash News

As with most film festivals, there will be screenings, parties, awards, yada yada yada ... basically a reason for celebs to get their collective parties on -- which may seem especially attractive this season since many of the SAG actors are not allowed to attend the big awards ceremonies that are about to take place. At least celebs have something to do to try and keep them out of trubs. [Source]

Kristin Cavallari celebrated her 21st birthday at LAX nightclub at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV last night ... here are a few pics from the big affair:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I'm telling you ... now that KC is totes legal and shizz this year is going to be HER year. Rumor has it that she's about to infiltrate and possibly takeover the hit MTV show The Hills and I'm sure that will only be the beginning ... there's bound to be more TV shows and hit movies in her future ... er, well, maybe that might be stretching it a bit but I'm pretty sure that we'll be seeing a lot more of Miss Kristin as 2008 gets further along. Woot!! [Source]

David Beckham and plump wife Vicki B. were spotted out for a night on the town in London, England this weekend ... here are a few pics of the couple as they made their way out of the posh restaurant St. Alban:

Photo credit: Mr. Paparazzi

Vicki B.'s yellow dress seemed to have a hard time keeping her bulbous plastic boobs intact and out of sight. Becks looks really dapper in his little grey waiter’s outfit ... I hate to admit it but I also like the matching tie to Vicki's dress. Les Beckhams should be back in the States soon as the Spice Girls Reunion Tour is set to return to the US of A in a few weeks. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has made her way home, sweet, home this weekend ... after a quick stop in NYC, Linds borded a plane and arrived back home at LAX airport:

Photo credit: Splash News

She looks no worse for the wear after her bizzy trip to Italy in recent weeks. So now LA has both Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears back in town together ... here's hoping the twain never shall meet. [Source]

One of the Olsen twins (does it really matter which one?) was spotted out and about this weekend wearing an entire family of dead animals:

Photo credit: Splash News

Where's PETA and a bucket of red paint when you need them? [Source]

Andrew Morton, the famed and controversial unauthorized biographer of the late Princess Diana (among others), has set his sights on a new victim target to base his next book on. Mr. Morton has decided to go digging into the past and into the closets of Tom Cruise to see if there are any interesting skeletons in them for him to drag out into the public and put on display. I gotta admit, I'm ABSOLUTELY intrigued by what sorts of revelations will be made in this book ... which is sure to offer quite a bit of shocking claims which are sure to set Cruise and his lawyers on fire:

Tom Cruise has become the de-facto second in command of the Church of Scientology, according to a new biography - which makes an extraordinary attack on the star by comparing his 20-month-old daughter Suri to the Devil's child in the film Rosemary's Baby. Andrew Morton's unauthorised biography claims Scientology has taken over the 45-year-old actor's life, with its officials selecting many of the staff at his Hollywood mansion. The biographer of Princess Diana alleges Cruise is consulted by Scientology leader David Miscavige on "every aspect of planning and policy" and is tailoring his career to fit the aims of Scientology. Miscavige is said in the book to have gone to extraordinary lengths to charm Cruise, even ordering his staff to plant a field full of wild flowers at a Scientology base in California after Cruise had told him of his fantasy to run through a wildflower meadow with his then newlywed wife Nicole Kidman. The relationship between the two men is so close that, according to Morton's book, Miscavige even joined him on honeymoon in the Maldives after his wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006. Cruise denies each of the claims vehemently, and Scientology lawyers are believed to be drawing up a lawsuit seeking £50million in compensation from Morton's publishers, St Martin's Press. Cruise's lawyer and close confidante Bert Fields gave a rare interview to The Mail on Sunday to pour scorn on Morton's book, titled Tom Cruise: An Unauthorised Biography. He criticised a passage in which Morton claims some "fanatical" Scientologists believed Suri Cruise was actually the result of a sperm donation by Scientology's dead founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Morton writes that Ms Holmes may feel she was in "the horror movie Rosemary's Baby, in which an unsuspecting young woman is impregnated with the Devil's child". Mr Fields said: "It's not being published in England. The American publishers criticised the libel laws in Britain because they require an author to tell the truth. Well, thank God for the British libel laws" ... Morton's book paints a picture of a talented actor who tasted enormous success at a young age and then gradually became consumed by Scientology ... His involvement in Scientology began in 1986 when he was recruited by his first wife Mimi Rogers, a Scientologist who gave him some literature on the subject. L. Ron Hubbard, a science-fiction writer, created Scientology in 1954. Its followers have fought hard to have the system of beliefs recognised as a religion, and its central teaching is that life's problems can be solved through a system of one-on-one counseling called "auditing", measured by an "E-meter". Courses can cost thousands, and critics make much of the doctrine of "Thetans" - alien spirits inhabiting human bodies who have to be flushed out. Scientologists have also attracted criticism for the practice of "disconnect", where followers are encouraged to cut off friends and family members who do not follow Scientology. Morton claims Scientologists pursued Cruise as part of a campaign to recruit celebrities ... Morton says David Miscavige sought to rebuild Scientology's reputation, battered by a fraud scandal in 1982. He invited Cruise to his "desert lair" in 1989, a 500-acre resort in Hemet, 90 miles from Los Angeles, nicknamed "Gold Base". Miscavige lives there with Scientology's most devoted followers called Sea Organisation or Sea Org. Morton claims the base was surrounded by security cameras, with "secret plans to rig the perimeter with homemade explosives in case of attack", as well as a "man-made eyrie where eagle-eyed guards with high-powered rifles fitted with telescopic sights scanned sunbaked California scrub for possible intruders".

Until the day comes that the murky fog of brainwashing lifts from Katie Holmes and she pens her own tell-all book about Tom Cruise and his secrets, this new Morton unauthorized biography will have to tide us over. While I deffo plan to take everything I read in this book with a grain of salt when it gets released (and I do plan on reading it) I can't help but wonder how much if any of it is actually true. There have been rumors going around for years about this sort of thing ... I must admit, I'm anxious to read it all spelled out in detailed, if oftentimes exaggerated, prose. The book, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, hits bookshelves on January 15th. [Source]

And finally ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week, the first of 2008. Let's say hello to Zach and his righteous-looking abs:

Photo credit: All American Guys

I have been yearning for the sunnier climes of Southern California for a few days now ... being sick in the Big Apple (with all it's freezingness) is not fun ... I'm actually looking forward to gettin' back to the West side and all the hawt nekkied dudes who live there. I realize that SoCal might not be exactly warm enough for hot dudes like Zach to be running around on the beach in speedos just yet ... but it won't be long now :) [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty fun day, possibly my favorite day of 2008 thus far ... for one, I was able to leave the apartment. My illness seems to be on the downswing and yesterday I felt able enough to go out for dinner with David's cousin Carren, her parents, her friend Sarah, Eden and David last night. Carren chose Butter so Butter it was. The food was great and the service was much better ... I don't know that I love them yet but I'm getting okay with them. Olympia Dukakis was dining a couple of tables over ... seeing her lookin' faboo make me feel better too. After dinner, Carren, Sarah, Eden, David and I went out to an absinthe bar near NYU called The Dove before we made our way out to Phoenix in the East Village to meet up with the gays (Shane, Trey, Ben, et al.) ... pretty much everyone but me got blitzed ... but we did all have fun:

I have to say hey to Pink readers Cara and Jesse (who hails from Ann Arbor, MI), Andy, Brendan and all the other folks who I got to meet last night.

The night wasn't quite over ... we ended up at some place in the Lower East Side called Urge where mostly nekkid men in tiny underwear danced for dollar bills. I respectfully refrained but others in our party had fun. I shant name names but a female member of our party, well call her Marren, chatted up one of the dancers as he waved his goods before her. Most folks don't talk to go-go boys but Marren wanted to know what the lad did in the daytime. They had a charming conversation.

Ack ... we made it home in the wee wee hours and then went right to sleep. I'm heading for JFK Airport in a bit so I have to be out ... I'll be coming atcha from the Wesside for the next few weeks ... back to home sweet home.

That is all ... I'm out.



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