Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Help Is On The Way?

Okay ... so last night there was a whole bunch of new Britney Spears drama which is being labeled as her latest melt-down ... but in comparison to her other 2 major meltdowns (ie. the head-shaving incident last year and the siege on her Studio City mansion early this month) this one doesn't even register a blip on the meltdown-o-meter. There was an ample amount of drama, tho, so it's deffo worth talking about. Now, the way that I understand it, Britney and her friend/manager Sam Lufti got into some sort of verbal altercation, possibly having to do with Adnan Ghalib. The fight got so heated that Britney stormed out of her car and openly cried on the street in front of her gated community. At some point, her mother Lynne Spears showed up to offer comfort (I have no idea where Lynne came from all of the sudden) as Sam tried to weasel his way in on their moment ... then, according to some reports, Adnan managed to get thru to Britney and was able to connect with her again, despite Sam's attempts to keep him away. Sounds like a bad plotline on a soap opera, don't it?

Photo credit: X17 & Hollywood.tv

Here is the full text of the People magazine report that does a pretty good job at summing up all the drama from last night:

Just hours after Britney Spears's camp announced that she was seeking psychological treatment, the pop star was in the midst of yet another public breakdown. The trouble began Monday evening, when Spears and her confidante Sam Lutfi went for a short drive around Beverly Hills. When they returned to her Summit home at around 6 p.m., the visibly distraught singer – who appeared to be arguing with Lutfi – jumped out of the white Mercedes near the guard gate. Spears, clutching her Yorkie puppy London, wandered around with tears in her eyes and, at one point, sat down on the curb. "She looked completely lost," says an on-scene source. Throughout it all, the gathered paparazzi snapped away. Wearing brown high heels, cutoff shorts and a plaid fedora, Spears then seemed to downplay the incident, saying, "I'm fine. I'm . . . having a nice time with my dog." (She later hopped into a car with another photographer, Filipe Teixeira, who gave her a lift to Ralph's supermarket in Studio City, before bringing her home. He and another photographer pal were then invited inside, where they spent the remainder of the night.) Thirty minutes later, the scene became even more surreal when Spears's paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib – who'd been noticeably absent in recent days – showed up at the house. But the photographer was turned away at the gate. The FinalPixx paparazzo – who recently dished on his relationship in a two-part interview on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider – proceeded to show his fellow photographers a series of text messages. In the missives, allegedly from Lutfi, the sender calls Ghalib a "manic trigger" for Spears and adds ominously that any further contact between the two "will kill her." Police cars pulled up to the house soon afterward, responding to a call from security at Spears's gated community. "Spears drove through the gates and paparazzi followed her car on foot," said LAPD Officer Mike Lopez. "By the time officers arrived, the paparazzi were off the property, but officers handed out citations for those who were illegally parked."

But Britney's night was far from over. Her father Jamie and mother Lynne – who recently flew into L.A. from Kentwood, La., where she'd been holed up with Spears's pregnant sister, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn – arrived at the estate around 9 p.m. (Earlier in the day, Lynne had spent time visiting Britney's kids – Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1 – at Kevin Federline's house in Tarzana.) The family reunion didn't last long, however – as Spears, clutching a bag, bolted from the mansion, says a source. She hopped into a car with Ghalib and the two sped off. Their getaway hit a speed bump, however, when their car got a flat tire. (Spears is no stranger to vehicular malfunction.) The two pulled into a Chevron to pump air into the deflated tire, then returned to the Summit house – where mom Lynne, and the two photographers, still waited – at around 11 p.m. (Ghalib left soon afterward.) The mother-and-daughter surfaced at around 1:30 a.m., with Lynne driving Spears to Longs Drugs in Studio City.

You know, as I try to sort thru all of this madness I can't help but think how much of a damaging incident this would've been for our dear Britney only 5 years ago. Today, it seems like a minor incident that seems light years more "normal" than her usual crazy meltdowns. I mean, think about it ... her night involved driving around, being barefoot on the street, a trip to the grocery store and the drug store, a flat tire and a trip to a gas station. Sounds like a regular Monday night in Britneyland to me. [Source, Source]

I must say, I am very encouraged that Mama Lynne Spears is back in town. I was very surprised to see that she and Britney were arm in arm last night:

Photo credit: Fame

The poor woman must be haggard beyond belief ... not only has she been bizzy taking care of her youngest child, Jamie-Lynn Spears, as she deals with the circumstances surrounding her unplanned pregnancy at 16 years old but now she has to worry about flying back to LA to visit with her grandsons (in the sole custodial care of their father, Kevin Federline) AND deal with Britney's manic behavior. I'd be shocked if the woman hasn't been driving to the drink. Hopefully Mama Lynne's presence in town will lead to some form of intervention whereby Britney will be coaxed into getting serious professional help in order to try and get her life back in order. Knowing Britney, it's almost too much to hope for ... but there is always hope. [Source]

In pregs news, there were ridic reports going around yesterday that Jennifer Lopez was holed up in a NY hospital yesterday giving birth to her rumored twins. Today, we know from hubby Marc Anthony's people that J. Lo was not birthin' babies yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

Online reports that Jennifer Lopez is in labor are "not true," Marc Anthony's rep tells Usmagazine.com. "It's not true," the rep tells Us. "We have been getting the same phone calls since last week. Everybody figures it is happening around now so they have started throwing out the story hoping they will be right and be the one to break the news but it isn't yet."

Yeah ... makes sense ... J. Lo is huge, she looks ready to pop at any second ... various outlets are sure to be reporting that she's "currently giving birth" somewhere in the hopes that they'll guess correctly and report the "exclusive". Hahahaha ... whatevs, y'all ... that baby (those babies?) will come soon enough. I'm just happy that she's gonna be a mama soon :) [Source]

In other baby news, Gavin Rossdale's father is confirming that his daughter-in-law is pregs with her second child after the story was reported in The Sun:

Gwen Stefani and her rock star husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting their second child, Rossdale's father confirms to PEOPLE. "They and the whole family are delighted," Douglas Rossdale tells PEOPLE exclusively. Reps for Stefani were not immediately available for comment.

If this is really true, then let me be among the first to offer my congratulations. Gwen and Gavin have a knack for makin' cute babies ... I think it'd be great to have another little one amongst us, maybe a Queenston this time?

In other mommy news, the Spice Girls have packed up all their shizz and all their kids and have made their way back to the fair shores of the US this week. Les Spices have completed the European leg of their Reunion Tour and are headed back to the States to play a whole slew of East Coast/Midwest dates. Here are a few pics of the Spice Moms trying to wrangle together all of their kids at the airport:

There are reports that plans for the Spices to play shows in South America, South Africa, China and Australia may not actually come to pass as the Reunion Tour's momentum seems to have stalled after just 2 months and 2 continents. As it stands now, tour dates in those countries are now only listed as possibilities for future shows but nothing has been scheduled yet. Perhaps the Spice World has gotten a lot smaller in all those years the ladies were out of the scene. Ah well ... I'm sure folks here in the US will give them a hearty reception. In the coming weeks, the Spice Girls will be playing shows in NYC and Detroit Rock City. [Source]

One last bit of Spiceness, the robotic and NEKKID Vicky B. is featured on a new charity t-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs which is being sold to raise money and awareness about skin cancer. Here is what the shirt looks like:

HERE'S VICTORIA BECKHAM appearing in the buff on a T-shirt for designer MARC JACOBS in a campaign to warn people about skin cancer. And I think I might buy one for a closer inspection. The shirts, signed by Posh, will be on sale in Marc's shops from next week. Victoria said: "Since we moved to California I have realised how important it is to practice safe sun for myself and to keep my three boys' skin well protected as well. Skin cancer is a huge problem and I really wanted to help raise awareness by taking part in Marc's initiative."

I think I'll take a pass on this shirt ... while I think that skin cancer is a very serious problem, I don't know that I really need a nekkid Posh on my chest right now ... or ever. Now, if Becks would like to strip off all of his clothes and pose in all of his glory, I'd be happy to pony up the bucks. I guess it just comes down to a matter of esthetic. [Source]

Despite the fact that the two remain mum on the "official" status of their relationship, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds seem to have no problem going out in public hand in hand:

Photo credit: Fame

I knew that RyJo were dating casually but I had no idea that they were even close to serious. All this rumored talk of an engagement is really very surprising to me. Ryan was engaged to Alanis Morissette twice over the past few years and still didn't talk that walk down the aisle ... and now he's suddenly in the mood to get engaged and married to Scarlett Johansson? Hollywood love affairs rarely make sense to me ... it always seems that all sense seem to immediately fly away as soon as two celebs become romantically involved. [Source]

Joel Madden, who has been a blogging fiend lately, updated the official blog at DCMACollective.com to talk about work that he's been doing in the studio with his Dead Executives partner and brother Benji Madden and he included this cute pic of himself with babymama Nicole Richie who chilled with them in the studio:

As you can see, they are both wearing the same outfits that they wore on their coffee run Sunday afternoon so this pic was most likely taken on that same day. Again, Nic/Joel both look really great ... altho, Nicole does look a bit tired in this pic. She sure does look happy tho ... motherhood seems to agree with her :) [Source]

I'm not entirely sure what is going on with Madonna's ankle but that bandage around her left ankle implies that she is dealing with some sort of injury ... but I gotta say that I am extremely frightened by the state of her legs overall:

No joking around here ... her legs look like prosthetic limbs! The pale pallor of her legs really have that flesh-colored plastic look. Ms. Madge should get herself to a tannery post haste! I miss the sexy way her legs used to look ... you know, alive. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of a very happy Natalie Imbruglia as she celebrated her 33rd birthday in London last night ... she showed no signs of dismay over the announcement that she and her husband of 4 years, Daniel Johns, have decided to end their marriage:

Pop singer Natalie Imbruglia was all smiles last night as she rang in her 33rd birthday at an exclusive London restaurant. The celebration comes just weeks after she announced her marriage to Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns was over. Despite her recent heartache, the star arrived at the celebrity haunt in high spirits and beamed as she left with a giant bunch of roses and a Hermes bag in tow. Natalie returned to London in early January after a trip to Sydney where she was spotted spending time with Daniel over the festive period. But despite their show of unity, the pair announced their split just days later.

It's nice to see Natalie looking so happy, especially since she must be going thru a very difficult time right now. Despite the amicable nature of the couple's joint statement regarding the end of their marriage, I'm sure that she is having a rough time right now. It looks as if she was able to happily celebrate her birthday last night ... good for her. Happy Birthday, Natalie!! [Source]

Fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue is spending some time in Paris, France after her performance appearance at the NRJ Awards in Cannes, France this weekend ... and she has been spotted in some very curious company. Why do you suppose she was seen shopping with her ex-boyfriend Oliver Martinez's dog Sheba?

Photo credit: X17

Earlier today Kylie had reunited with her ex fiancĂ© Oliver Martinez – and his dog Sheba – in the French capital. She was spotted walking his Rhodesian ridgeback yesterday and onlookers say the former lovers later met up in Yves St Laurent before heading off to the CafĂ© de Flore. The couple separated in February last year amid reports the French actor had cheated on Kylie following her breast cancer ordeal, earning him the nickname "Le Rat". Kylie, who will turn 40 in May, has regularly denied claims the pair had rekindled their romance. She said in October: "I think he has a girlfriend, I'm not entirely sure." She also revealed she wasn't ready to be friends with the star, telling Glamour magazine: "I don't like confrontation. You can be civil and friendly but to have a proper friendship, you need to allow a certain amount of time to pass." While the exact status of their relationship remains unclear, there's no doubt she holds a great deal of affection for Sheba. She said recently: "I did love his dog, Sheba. Oh, Sheba, she was the love of my life. She was very important during my treatment - there were many long hugs on the sofa."

HMMM ... I just hope that Kylie's interest in Martinez these days relates only to spending time with his dog. I love that Sheba was able to help Kylie thru her cancer treatments ... I can only imagine what that pooch must mean to her. I think she's better off without Le Rat in her life ... hopefully, she'll just stick with Le Dog instead. [Source]

In other doggie news, Mariah Carey did a little shopping at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive this week and, of course, she brought along the love of her life -- her Terrier Jack:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hee hee, they make a really cute couple. And Mimi is lookin' fierce as hell. I understand the first single from her new album That Chick is set to hit radio this week. Woot!!! [Source]

Kiefer Sutherland continues to enjoy his freedom as he happily stops to pose for pictures in NYC this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

With manbag in tow, Kiefer looks happier than he's looked in a long time. I bet he has really come to appreciate his freedom these days. [Source]

Milo Ventimiglia joined a few celebs and big name athletes at a charity soccer game at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA recently ... here are a few pics of Milo all gussied up in his cute little uniform:

While the most important thing is that the charity soccer game raised money for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and the Mia Hamm Foundation, I have to say that I am really most interested in seeing Milo running around on the field in his little soccer shorts. Too bad there aren't more pics of Milo doing his thang on the field :( [Source, thanks V]

Rufus Wainwright, currently on a world tour, played at show at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia last night:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Unfortch, it looks like he had to slaughter, skin and then wear his blind grandmother's couch in order to have something to wear on stage. Bless his heart. [Source]

Here are a couple of cute promo pictures of Sophie Ellis-Bextor dipped in a vat of candy sprinkles:

I understand the photos are promo pics for her new single ... I just think they look cool. Pink reader John informs me that the pics are actually for a charity single to benefit The Children's Society. And, I still think they look cool ;) [Source]

And finally, Sunday we got to see Kathy Griffin on the cover of the new issue of The Advocate ... today we get to see one of the pics that accompany her coverstory:

You know, I can appreciate that Kathy was trying to go for the whole "drag queen" look in this pic but I don't think it's really necessary. I'm sorry, what? She isn't going for a drag queen look, you say? Oh, my bad. In that case, You look very nice, Kathy :) [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, David and I did a bit of shopping on Melrose Ave. because I am looking for a really cool outfit to wear to ... a thing ... I have coming up. I don't want to talk about it just yet but I can assure you that if it comes to pass you will agree that it's a pretty effing cool event. I didn't end up finding the outfit of my dreams but we did both find some really cool vintage stuff at Wasteland and I procured a really amazing custom-made/destroyed Junker leather jacket from Forgotten Saints. After our shopping trip, we met up with Derek and Jim for dinner at Rambutan Thai in Silverlake. It was really great getting to hang out with them ... esp. since they've got some exciting news as well.

David called it an early night and I finally got to sit down and watch Amber Benson's newest TV movie 7 Things To Do Before I'm 30 (which originally aired on Saturday night):

OMG ... what a cute movie. Amber was really very good in this role and the story overall was really cute and fun. It had that TV movie feel about it but the story was very well-written and I found very entertaining. One of the 7 Things that she wanted to do before turning 30 was to be a rockstar ... so in the movie she sings the song Queen Of Hearts by Juice Newton ... which was so brills. Hahahhaha ... now I want a copy of it in MP3 format so I can put it on my iPod. I'm not sure if Lifetime is planning on re-airing the movie anytime soon but if so, you have to catch it if you missed seeing it the first time. It's a really cute movie.

Today, David and I are gonna try to meet up with one of his college friends but we'll see where the day takes us. I hope you are having a glorious day wherever in the world you are. The sun is finally shining here in SoCal again ... and my carpet is slowly drying. Thank ye Gods.

I am out.