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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Hotter In Brazil

Never one to shy away from attention these days, Britney Spears spent part of her Tuesday doing a bit of shopping (whilst showing off her breasts in a very see-thru blouse) in the chilly weather at the outdoor Century City Mall (which would be evident in the following pics if I didn't have to censor out her nipples) after spending her morning at a Mercedes dealership where she decided to buy a brand new black Mercedes SLK 350. As you might expect, Britney already suffered her first vehicular mishap in this new car later on in the day ... natch:

Photo credit: X17 & Splash News

Another day, another driving mishap for Britney. While cruising in her new black Mercedes SLK 350 (starting price: $50,275) -- which she purchased at 9 a.m. Tuesday with mom Lynne and pal Sam Lutfi -- Spears tried to take a short cut home through the narrow Hollywood Hills, but got stuck on the steep roads. Speaking in her British accent, she told photographers, "I'm not doing this! Turn my car around right now!" as she jumped out of the coupe. "I'm getting dizzy up here, I don't like it." Then Spears asked Carl from the FinalPixx agency (which employs her paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib) to hop in the passenger seat. "Get in the car," she says a few times, before apologizing: "Sorry, my shit is everywhere!" The duo then sped off and Spears tooted the horn.

Of course she did. In other Spears news, Mama Lynne Spears gave a few quotes to Life and Style magazine, which queried her on the subject of her troubled daughters ... which she, surprisingly, answered:

It was another emotional day for Britney Spears. On Jan. 27, the troubled singer went to see the romantic comedy 27 Dresses in LA -- and left the movie theater in tears. On that same day, Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, also got emotional, only it wasn't over a sappy movie -- it was over real life. "Britney's on my mind day and night," Lynne told Life & Style exclusively after having landed in LA that evening to see her long-estranged daughter. "She never leaves my thoughts." Nor does Lynne's other daughter, Jamie Lynn, who's 16 and nearly five months pregnant. "Jamie Lynn's my baby," Lynne confided. "I'm doing my best. I'm doing as well as can be expected." Lynne decided to make the trip to LA after hearing from Britney, 26, herself. "Britney called her on Jan. 25," says an insider. "She told her, 'I've got to get my boys back and I can't do it without you.' Lynne, who hadn't talked to Britney in ages, was shocked at first. It was the moment she'd been waiting for." On Jan. 28, the day after Lynne arrived in LA, Barbara Walters said on The View that mother and daughter have indeed been in touch with each other, according to Britney's friend and sidekick Sam Lutfi. "Her mother has been very supportive of whatever it is Britney is going to do," Barbara said after speaking to Sam. "I love Britney dearly," Lynne tells Life & Style. "I want nothing more than to protect her and make everything all right for her." As for Jamie Lynn, she remains in the Spears' hometown, Kentwood, La., with the father of her child, Casey Aldridge. "I will always be there for her," Lynne says. Told that people still believe she's a good mother, Lynne managed a smile and replied, "Thank you. That means a lot right now with everything that's happening."

I cannot, for the life of me, understand what Lynne Spears must be going thru. I'm sure she feels absolutely helpless and, yet, she cannot abandon her daughters even tho they might abandon her ... repeatedly. See, money cannot buy you everything ... these are the same sorts of problems that everyday "normal" people have to deal with on a daily basis. All the money that the Spears family has collectively amassed cannot make problems simply go away. Sure, they are in a better position to get help if they want it ... but, as is evident in this case, one can see how the money really isn't helping the situation. That being said, I'm encouraged that Mama Lynne is on the scene here in SoCal with Britters ... you never know what kind of positive effect moms might have on Brit Brit, possibly unbeknownst to her. I'm not surprised that we are now hearing that Britney has agreed to meet with a psychiatrist right around the time that Mama Lynne showed up. [Source, Source]

In hawtness news, David Beckham has left the cold shores of the UK for the warm and sunny environs of Brazil. Here are pictures of Becks's arrival in Rio yesterday wearing the new Marc Jacobs charity t-shirt which features his robotic wife, Vicki B., in the nude. You will also notice that Becks's left tattoo arm sleeve is sporting a bit more ink ... it looks like he likes stars, too:

The footballer unveiled a new addition to his body-covering art - reported to be his 11th - as he enjoyed a kickabout on a sun-kissed beach in Brazil. The intricate new star studded design which extends the length of his left forearm is wrapped around an existing Hindi inscription of wife Victoria's name ... The former England captain, already has ten tattoos on his back, arms and neck, and an ink drawing on his right forearm. He also had both his son's names, Brooklyn and Romeo, tattooed on his back.

First off, you gotta give Becks props for his undying support of his wife. The best way for Marc Jacobs to sell more of these shirts featuring Vicki B. in the nude is to have David Beckham be seen wearing one. I know I'm sold. [Source]

But Becks isn't in Brazil merely to show off his new t-shirt and his new ink, he is in Brazil to announce his plans to open a new sports complex called the David Beckham World of Sport in the city of Natal. Here are a few pics of slick Becks in a hot suit as he made the announcement at a press conference yesterday in Sao Paulo:

David Beckham will open in Brazil the first "David Beckham World of Sport," a professional sports complex designed and planned with his input. The complex -- including eight soccer fields, a 10,000-seat stadium and facilities for golf and tennis among others -- will be in a soon-to-be-built luxury resort near the northeastern city of Natal, according to a statement by the Cabo Sao Roque resort on Tuesday. Beckham, who was in Brazil for the announcement, said the facility will incorporate a scholarship program for Brazilian children that will actively outreach to schools in the region, and that the training facilities will be able to accommodate visiting soccer teams and other sports such as American football. "I don't want to teach (Brazilians) to play soccer," Beckham was quoted as saying by the Agencia Estado news service. "I want to offer a safe place for kids to develop their abilities." Natal is one of the Brazilian cities bidding to host World Cup matches when the tournament comes to Brazil in 2014. "I am honored to be associated with this incredible project which will build world-class sporting facilities in Brazil, hopefully having a major impact at a local level and internationally," Beckham said in a statement. The latest David Beckham Academy -- a soccer school for youths -- will be among the highlights of the new development, which also will include two golf courses, academies for golf, polo and tennis, and the Rubens Barrichello Driving Experience comprised of a professional go-kart track and four-wheel driving facility created by the Brazilian Formula One driver ... Beckham has already established academies in London and in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson. "(The) sporting experience will excite both professional athletes and people whatever their ability," Beckham said. "I am incredibly proud of the work my academies do both in London and Los Angeles and I am happy Brazilian children will benefit from access to the top-class facilities and coaching at this resort."

It makes absolute sense that Becks would open this sort of sporting complex in Brazil. I'm sure the hot Brazilians won't mind hosting his imported hawtness as this new development begins and then continues to take shape. I know I don't mind sharing his hawtness with the rest of the world ... just as long as he remembers that his NEW CURRENT home is here in the US of A :) [Source]

One last bit of Becksness ... lest you think that all this goodwill stuff is the only thing Becks-related that we have to talk about today ... here are a couple of lovely pics of a half-nekkid David Beckham kickin' it on a beach after his long, hard day of press conferencing:

MMM ... is there any better way to spend the day than to gawk at pics of Becks and his pecs? You will also notice that Becksie poo is wearing a pair of his Armani Undies ... MMMM ... I like him best in the white ones. Woot! Woot! [Source]

Alrighty ... let's move on ... Jessica Alba paid a little visit to the MTV Studios in NYC yesterday to make a promo appearance on TRL for her new movie The Eye which opens in theaters this Friday. Here are a few pics from her appearance:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hee hee ... I love how she wore a very bump-hiding outfit. On air, Jessica played a game where she had to figure out the types of food that were placed in front of her while her eyes were closed, as if she were blind (Get it? She plays a blind woman who gets a new pair of eyes in her new movie). See ... Jess can be a real sport sometimes ... she's more than just the pap-hating, scowling beauty that we see around town. She is actually really lovely in person. The Eye is totally my type of movie ... I actually saw the original Chinese version of the film, Jian Gui, a few years ago and I *loved* it. I'm looking forward to seeing how the American remake turns out. Sometimes, these remakes turn out better (like The Ring) sometimes they do not (like The Grudge). I guess we'll see. [Source]

Here are a few pics of Hayden Panettiere as she continues her crusade in Washington DC to help Save the Whales. Hayden was joined by Senator John Kerry at a press conference hosted by House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee Chair Nick Rahall yesterday:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Hayden, Senator Kerry and Representative Rahall called the press conference to urge the US Government to reinstate its former leadership role protecting whales from commercial slaughter. Afterwards, she spent her evening at a reception with members of Congress. It seems very clear to me that she is absolutely committed to this Whales cause ... and I totally heart her for it :) [Source]

Ryan Gosling was honored at the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival last night with an Independent Award Tribute gala ... here are a couple pics of Ryan posing with his lovely new award ...

Photo credit: Wireimage

... which looks like it could double as a paper-weight or a door-stop. Congrats, Ryan!! [Source]

Now that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's football season is over, he has a lot of time to spend hanging out with his new ladylove Jessica Simpson. The couple spent some time around town here in LA this week winin', dinin' and partyin'. Here are a few pics of the happy couple as they spent a night of sangin' and boozin' at the Key Club's Metal Skool this past Monday night:

Photo credit: US Weekly & Mavrix

After a romantic date at Il Sole Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson hit up the "Metal Skool" karaoke night at L.A.'s Key Club Monday night. Simpson's ex assistant Cacee Cobb took to the stage first, screaming, "Tony has to come up here!" Eventually, the audience coaxed the Dallas Cowboys quarterback to the stage. Romo's pick: Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." As he belted out the hit, Simpson alternated between kissing him on the cheek, wrapping her arms around him and staring dreamily into his eyes. "He was singing directly to her — and she was on cloud nine," a witness there told Us.

Click HERE to watch video of this cute little fiasco from TMZ. What a shame ... I used to *love* that song. Hee hee ... it's a cute vid, tho. Tony's a hottie ... I hope Jessica doesn't screw this up. [Source, Source]

Life and Style magazine is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has already landed herself a new boyfriend ... and they already have a picture of the lucky guy ... check it out:

Lindsay Lohan's got herself a new man -- and she's already calling him her boyfriend! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Lindsay was out last night, Jan. 28, in NYC with Jeremy Greene, 25, a NYC songwriter and R&B artist. "Before they walked into the Four Seasons Hotel together, where Lindsay was staying, someone yelled out, 'Lindsay, who is that guy?' And she said, 'He's my new boyfriend!' They spent the evening driving around together. Lindsay stopped at a boutique to go shopping. Before they went back to her hotel, he was singing to her, and she loved his voice. Then they kissed, and there were definitely sparks between them!" Only two days before, Lindsay was hanging out with her ex, Stavros Niarchos, at NYC's The Box.

Meh. I highly doubt that this guy will make it thru to next week ... but I wish him good luck with that. He is cuter than Riley Giles ... but Lindsay has a voracious appetite that cannot be sated by just one dude. Sorry pal. [Source]

Here are a couple of cute pictures of Kylie Minogue giving money to and then dancing with a street performer in Paris, France this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Clearly ... Smiley Kylie is in good spirits these days ... I wonder what could have her in such a good mood? [Source]

Could it be that Kylie is ecstatic to be lookin' so damn hot on the cover of the new issue of Woman & Home magazine?

Or, could it be, perhaps, that she is thrilled with the way her 2 new music videos have turned out? Here are a few screencaps from her video for the song Wow:

And here are a few screencaps from her other new video, In My Arms:

OMG ... both vids are really kick-ass. I'm not sure which one I like more ... I love the song Wow (it's my fave on the album X) but there are really cool scenes in In My Arms that I like overall. The choreography in the Wow vid is very, very cool (especially the head moves) but I love the bits in In My Arms of Kylie in the green dress dancing. Wee! Kylie should always release 2 videos at once :) [Source, Source, thanks David and Tony]

Pink reader Emelie informs me that Vicki B. isn't the only celeb appearing nekkid on those new Marc Jacobs charity t-shirts ... Rufus Wainwright has also dropped trou for the campaign:

Huh ... who knew that Rufus actually had a butt. I wonder if it was enhanced at all for the t-shirt cuz I really imagined him having no butt to speak off. PS: Love the cheeky way the t-shirts are displayed in this window display. [Source, thanks Emelie]

In his new interview with The Advocate magazine, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane reveals that little baby Stewie is gay ... which shouldn't really be news to anyone who's ever watched the show:

Which character do gay fans respond to the most?

Generally they respond to Stewie, because he's arguably the most complex character. He originally began as this diabolical villain, but then we delved into the idea of his confused sexuality. We all feel that Stewie is almost certainly gay, and he’s in the process of figuring it out for himself. We haven't ever really locked into it because we get a lot of good jokes from both sides, but we treat him oftentimes as if we were writing a gay character.

Is it odd how much people care about this cartoon baby's sexuality?

Yeah. We've had letters from homophobic fans in the past, and I sort of relish the idea of saying, "Yeah, well, you know what? Your favorite character, Stewie, is gay."

Well,I'm glad he sorted all of that out. Isn't it obvs that the most interesting character on any show is always the gay one? ;) [Source]

Rihanna is the latest celeb to don the Milk'stache in the Got Milk? campaign ... here is her photo:

You know ... of all the Milk'stache pics, this one actually looks like a real mustache. I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing. [Source]

And finally ... I have to send out lots of BIRTHDAY LURVE to my fave Aussie EVER Kirsten ... she is celebrating her birthday today:

I am so happy to have Kirsten in my life ... she is always the brightest part of my day whenever I'm lucky enough to hang out with her and I hope she has the most amazing birthday ever. The GangTM is getting together this Friday night to celebrate her birthday but I wanted to send her my love today. Happy Birthday, Kiki! xoxox

Les News:
Last night, David and I met up with his friend Leah who he knows from Semester at Sea for a great pizza dinner in Hollywood. They hadn't seen each other in years and ended up getting along as if they had just seen one another last week. She was a total doll ... I hope to be able to hang out with her again soon.

I finally got to watch the amazing Kylie Minogue documentary White Diamond which I finally found on DVD (thanks to Tony). The doco was released in Europe back in October and DVD in November but I finally found an import copy that would play on my DVD player (from HMV Japan, arrived 5 days after I ordered it online):

I cannot believe how touching the whole thing is. William Baker, the director and her main gay BFF, really did a great job of showing us the side of Kylie Minogue that we never get to see. It's hard to not fall more in love with her watching this film. All you Kylie fans here in the US who have yet to watch this documentary should get copies as quickly as you can. It's a must see.

Tonight I have a special surprise for David which I can't talk about right now ... and this post is late ... so I'm out.



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