Friday, February 08, 2008

I Should Be Sew Lucky

So ... by the time I am able to post this blogpost the news should be out that today is the day that Project Runway is having its Season 4 Finale Fashion Show at Bryant Park here in NYC at Fashion Week ... and I am *thrilled* to be able to reveal that I have been invited to attend this event:

I can't think of many things that I would agree to attend that might interfere with being able to work on my blog (the show was scheduled to begin at 9AM ET) but when the invite to attend this show came, well, I just simply couldn't pass up the opportunity ... I had to figure out a way to, in the immortal words of fashion guru Tim Gunn, make it work. I'm posting this blogpost wirelessly via my BlackBerry at the actual show this morning since I was asked not to divulge this information beforehand. It also THRILLS ME TO NO END to reveal that I was asked to attend the Project Runway Finale Fashion Show by none other than PR judge and Fashion Director at ELLE magazine, Ms. Nina Garcia herself -- as her personal guest! I'm not sure what exactly that entails just yet ... all I know is that I'm her plus one :) I know, I'm SOO dying. Additionally, I was able to hook up with Cosa Nostra, the design label of Jeffrey Sebelia (the winner of Project Runway Season 3), and am wearing an outfit from their 2008 Spring Collection (photos to come soon). It's like all of my Project Runway dreams are coming true all at once!

I'm not sure how much info I'll be able to divulge at my next posting ... I'm hoping to be able to share a few photos ... but I want to make sure that I don't spoil anything before the new eps of Project Runway air (ie. who made it to the final Fashion Show showdown). I'll see how today's Fashion Show goes down and then determine what I can reveal.

BUT ... since news from today's Project Runway Finale Fashion Show is bound to be revealed today ... I will let those of you who want to know early who the surprise celebrity guest judge is ... highlight the area below with your cursor to find out who it is:

The surprise celebrity guest judge is none other than Victoria Beckham, bitches!!

So ... I guess that is all ... as I said, I'm posting this wirelessly via my BB and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post anything else for the rest of today. Things will be back to normal tomorrow for sure ... I am out!! Auf Wiedersehen!!!


UPDATE: Okay ... so I don't even know where to begin. I'm gonna give a brief run thru of my morning at the show and I'm going to do my best not to spoil anything for those of you who don't want to be spoiled. The show was utterly amazing ... and I think that fans of the show are going to be very pleased with the way the Finale Fashion Show will turn out. Now, at the end of this week's episode there were only 5 contestants left in the running -- Sweet P, Chris, Jillian, Rami and Christian. I don't think it's at all spoilerish to reveal that all 5 of these contestants showed a 12-piece collection at today's Finale Fashion Show ... of the 5, we have no idea who is among the actual final contestants. You may recall that in the preview of next week's ep, Heidi says that 2 designers will be cut in next week's ep ... that would leave 3 designers still in play ... but I'm getting ahead of myself ...

I mentioned that I was able to secure an outfit from Cosa Nostra, the design house of Project Runway Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia, and I promised pics ... so here you go:

I got to meet Jeffery at the show (again, I met him briefly at a small fashion show last year) and caught his eye by pointing to my amazing outfit. He was so surprised and so pleased that I was wearing his clothes. I remarked how happy I was that his sample sizes fit me perfectly and he told me that he uses his own size as the sample size ... isn't that awesome?! The jeans are treated with wax and the jacket/vest features his trademark zipper design. The shirt is also from his Spring '08 collection ... I just love the whole outfit! I only got to borrow the clothes but I am planning to purchase this outfit when it goes into production.

Since this was my first Fashion Week event (ever) I wasn't entirely sure what to do ... I showed up at Bryant Park and followed the folks inside the big white tent. Actually, I ran into Kane, who competed last season, and followed him inside:

It was a madhouse in that small tent. As Nina Garcia's guest I was told that I was to sit behind her but for some reason my seat was given away to someone else so I had to sit a few rows back ... which was a bummer because I was hoping I'd get to whisper sweet nothings into her ear thruout the show. It's all good tho, I'm not complaining at all. It didn't take long until we were all shushed to our seats and the lights went down ... and then out came Heidi Klum to open the show. I shot a short video of Heidi's intro ... but be WARNED, Heidi does introduce the surprise guest judge so you might want to skip the vid if you don't want to be spoiled:

... and the rest? Well, you're just gonna have to wait until this Finale Fashion Show airs on Bravo in a couple of weeks. Here are a few pics of Heidi after the show as she posed for photographers and gave interviews:

Here is a great group shot of the judges of today's show, including the surprise celebrity judge:

Click above to find out who it is

Those of you who don't want to be spoiled should not click above ... but if you do, you'll see a couple of pictures that I was able to snap before the show got underway. Unfortch, I was not able to get a pic with the celebrity judge ... nor was I able to get a pic with Nina Garcia! She was whisked away as soon as the show was over ... but she was a doll and called me on my phone to thank me for coming to the show afterwards. She had to rush off to the Ralph Lauren show ... but I'm hoping to get some one-on-one time with her while I'm here in NYC in the next few days ... I'm stil working on it, I'll let you know.

BUT ... I was able to snap a few pics with and of some of the Season 4 contestants who were there today:

Jillian (who showed a collection today) was so sweet and I was very happy to meet Kevin (who was my initial pick when the season started). Eliza was a delight to talk to ... she had her daughter with her and was just really fun to chat with. I didn't get to take a pic with Chris, Sweet P, Rami or Christian) (who all showed today) but I got to snap a pic with my friend Brad who is dating Christian so I figured he is just as good ;)

Additionally, I got to take a picture with Laura (who competed last season) and Finola Hughes (who played the mother on Charmed ... and who I love to pieces). There were a bunch of previous contestants all over the place ... I managed to get a pic of a group of them all together. It was absolute insanity in that tent after the show was over ... but I'm A.) thrilled to have been able to go in the first place, B.) happy with all the pics I was able to get and C.) ecstatic that this was my introduction to Fashion Week.

I took a photo of every outfit that walked down the runway and shot video of each designer's collection ... but I won't post any of that stuff until the finale airs on Bravo. I'm also holding off on giving any of my commentary on the collections until then as well ... but, overall, this season's finale show had the best collections yet -- I was really very impressed with all the collections that showed today.

OH, I forgot to mention that there were a few models from America's Next Top Model in the show today ... like Jaslene (winner, Cycle 8), Bianca (contestant, Cycle 9), Dani (winner, Cycle 6). Click HERE to see pictures of these ANTMs on the runway in today's show -- BE WARNED: viewing these photos will reveal who designed the clothes that they are wearing. I'm sure we'll be finding out how this collabo between Project Runway and America's Next Top Model came to be in future eps of the show.

I got to meet a bunch of amazing people today ... I have to say hello to Pink reader Victoria who wasn't able to make it to the show today but I understand is a big fan of both PR and PITNB ;) I have to send out much love to Jenny who does the vlog TV Over Easy for helping me take some of these pictures ... and I have to send out LOTS AND LOTS of LURVE to Nina Garcia and Erin Kaplan from ELLE magazine for giving me one of the funnest experiences of my life.

I'll have more on the Project Runway Finale Fashion Show when it airs in a couple of weeks. And so ... I'm out.

Updated: 12:20PM PT