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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tune In Tokio

Another day, another bare crotch flash courtesy of our dear Britney Spears ... blah ... it's starting to feel like 2006 again. I dunno what is going on here but this new pantiless behavior really seems ... contrived. Just go with me on this ... here are a few pics of Britney's latest outing this week to B2V Borrelli-Vo Salon in LA with a couple of crotch shots to boot:

Okay ... so Britney has been pretty much on the straight and narrow since she was admitted into the UCLA psychiatric medical facility last month ... with her father, Jamie Spears, acting as her conservator, she's been kept on a pretty tight leash and has managed to stay out of trubs. With no Sam Lutfi or Adnan Ghalib to orchestrate multiple paparazzi shoots on the streets of SoCal, it seems that Britters is itching for some attention. All she has to do is go out in public sans underwear, get out of her car and VOILA! she's back to getting all the attention again. Maybe she feels like this is the only thing she can control ... even if her father has control over her person and assets, he cannot require that she wear underwear ... I dunno, this new behavior just seems forced and entirely sad. Unfortch, this feeling has been par for the course for far too long now :( [Source]

In other Spears news, mama-to-be Jamie-Lynn and big Mama Lynne Spears were spotted hitting up a few places around Kentwood, LA reportedly looking for a new home for JL to settle down in once she gives birth to her little young'n. Here are a few pics:

I would imagine that papa-to-be Casey Aldridge is involved in all of this future family planning stuff in some way (he is, after all, the father) but I don't really think he has much say. It looks like Team Spears is large and in charge. I bet his role is to smile and say "Yes, ma'am" whenever spoken to. See kids, this is why you should always practice safe sex. [Source, Source]

Co-stars Eric Bana, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson were joined by their Royalnesses Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall (formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles) at the UK premiere of their new movie The Other Boleyn Girl which was held at Odeon Leicester Square last night ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit; Wireimage

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have met the cast of The Other Boleyn Girl at its London premiere. Natalie Portman, who stars with Scarlett Johansson as sisters Anne and Mary Boleyn battling to win the affections of Henry VIII, said she was very excited to meet the prince. She said: "I met him briefly for the premiere of Star Wars about eight years ago, but I'm sure it was an inconsequential moment in his life." Johansson joked with Charles about her forthcoming role as Mary Queen of Scots. "I'm going to take over the whole of British history," she said. "A girl from New York - can you believe it?" The Other Boleyn Girl is based on the novel by Philippa Gregory and directed by Justin Chadwick, who said making his first feature-length production was an "amazing experience". He added: "It's an honour and a privilege to have my first film chosen to have a royal premiere."

I'll say ... it must be pretty extraordinary to have members of the Royal Family come out in support of your film as a first-time director. Despite the fact that the film is a British film, I find it interesting that the Royals still found favor in this movie with leading American actresses. I have not read the book by Philippa Gregory but I understand it's a great read ... there has been a lot of hype for this movie, I'm interested to see if it'll live up to it all. [Source]

Pretty much as soon as the news broke that P!nk and Carey Hart have announced that they are getting divorced, Missundaztood herself was spotted roaming the streets of NYC all by her lonesome :( Despite the fact that the couple have decided to call it quits, they claim that their relationship fell prey to their bizzy work schedules and that they will continue to remain "best friends":

Photo credit: Splash News

Sources close to Carey Hart tell TMZ that the motocrosser is telling people that he and his ex still love each other and "will remain best friends." The downfall of the marriage came as a result of careers getting in the way. P!nk has headed back to the studio to work on her music, while Carey is busy opening new nightclubs. TMZ has also learned that Hart is opening the first of his new brainchildren -- a spot called "Wasted Space" -- at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in May. The club will be a live music venue that will feature new rock bands -- and music legends.

I dunno ... this "work" thing really seems shady to me. Perhaps the couple is just too punk to cite the cliched irreconcilable differences reason for their split ... or maybe it's something else altogether, I mean, we've all heard the rumors. In any event, I hope that both P!nk and Carey are able to find happiness again very soon. P!nk is too cool a chick to be bummed out like this and Carey is too much of a hottie to stay single long ... I just wish them both well in the future. [Source]

Here are a couple of supercute pics of Angelina Jolie with her eldest child Maddox Jolie-Pitt (who never seems to age ... hasn't he looked about this size for the past 3 years?) as they made their way to the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood to catch a showing of The Spiderwick Chronicles this week:

I love the stomach-hiding trench coat that Ange is wearing on this public outing ... it's both stylishly in season AND the perfect way to keep prying eyes away from any burgeoning baby bumps that she might be carting around. Something tells me that Maddox is her favorite guy on Earth ... these two have been together since before Brad Pitt was even in the picture. You can tell that they are tight. [Source]

And speaking of mysterious baby bumps ... what do you suppose happened to Nicole Kidman's burgeoning bump in these pictures of her taken at a press conference in Japan for her latest film The Golden Compass. Wasn't it beginning to bulge out just a couple of weeks ago? In these pics it seems to have retreated or something:

Hmm ... at least it's still there and everything seems to be alright ... at the press conference Nicole spoke to reporters about "the child" and her desire to make more family-friendly films in the future:

"My Bella and Connor are 13 and 15. So they have seen the film and they loved it ... my child inside won't see the film for a long time. But I think once you have children you want to balance the work you do because they give up so much of you to your work. So occasionally you want to make films that they can take their friends to, they can go to the premiere of, that they celebrate." Nicole is scheduled to return to the US later this week ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday night, where she will resent an Oscar along with fellow Hollywood luminaries Helen Mirren, George Clooney and Katherine Heigl. While in the US, she is expected to be reunited with Keith after spending much of this month apart. The pair were on separate sides of the globe on Valentine's Day, but Nicole was clearly not far from Keith's mind. During a performance at Madison Square Garden on February 13, the singer dedicated his song, "Got it Right This Time," to his wife, who was in Australia at the time. He said: "It's Valentine's Day here tomorrow, but today it's already Valentine's Day in Australia." Meanwhile, Nicole has made no secret of the couple's hopes for more children, saying: "Keith and I would really love to have a big family. But I'm so happy at the moment, I couldn't ask for anything more."

Yay! So far, so good. I'm glad to hear that things are coming along nicely for Nicole and Keith ... and I really hope that we aren't going to be subjected to another disappearing/reappearing baby bump pregnancy like the one that Katie Holmes put us thru ... I'm not sure I'll be up to the task. [Source]

David Beckham is in Honolulu, HI this week training for the inaugural Pan-Pacific Championship soccer tournament where the LA Galaxy is scheduled to participate later on this week. Here are a few pics from Becks's arrival on the island and from a couple of training sessions that he's participated in already this week:

David Beckham believes this week's inaugural Pan-Pacific Championship in Hawaii can provide the catalyst for success in his second season with the Los Angeles Galaxy ... The 32-year-old will play his first match in two months against Japanese J-League side Gamba Osaka at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium early on Thursday with a place in the weekend final of the tournament at stake. MLS champions Houston Dynamo take on Australian A-League team Sydney FC in the second semi-final later the same day. Asked if he expected a major improvement in the Galaxy's performances this year following their failure to reach the MLS playoffs, Beckham said: "There has to be. It is a fresh start with a new manager, a new regime and a new togetherness. Many things have already changed, definitely for the good, and we want to build momentum and start winning things." The Galaxy have concentrated on building fitness since returning from their close season two weeks ago and Beckham trained with the Premier League leaders Arsenal for several weeks prior to flying back to the United States. "We are not match-fit yet," he said. "The games here are pre-season friendlies, but we will still be taking them very seriously. My approach doesn't change whether it is the World Cup, Premier League, La Liga or a friendly. I want to win" ... Gamba Osaka, who finished third in last season's J-League, are similarly using the Pan-Pacific Championship as part of their pre-season regime and have been training in Hawaii for the past week. Captain Satoshi Yamaguchi told how the prospect of playing against Beckham had invigorated the squad. "Everyone looks forward to the opportunity to share the field with a player like Beckham," he said. "It is an exciting time for us."

I think we can all pretty much agree that Becks's premiere half-season with the LA Galaxy was pretty lackluster ... mostly due to his never-ending string of injuries but also because so much expectation was placed on Becks's introduction to US Soccer. Since all of that crazy hoopla, or Beckham-mania, if you will, has subsided hopefully this year can be a much more successful one for Becks and the LA Galaxy as a whole. I'm looking forward to attending more Galaxy games this year ... I haven't seen nearly as much Becks in action as I would like. [Source]

One last bit of Becksness ... here are a couple pics of Becks in Hawaii showing off another new bit of ink that has been tattooed on his arm in tribute to his robotically stoic yet incredibly stylish wife Vicki B:

David Beckham has used the last inches of bare skin on his left forearm to make a very public promise of loyalty to wife Victoria. The football star unveiled his romantic declaration - 'Forever by your side' - during a training session with LA Galaxy in Honolulu yesterday ahead of the Pan-Pacific Championship. The phrase is the latest in a series of Posh inspired etchings. It joins David's six-inch tattoo of Victoria as a bare-breasted angel, surrounded by stars and an older inscription of her name written in Hindi. A source quoted by Hello! magazine said: "They are both thrilled with the result. It has been beautifully done. Victoria is flattered." Both David and Victoria have matching tattoos of the Roman numerals VIII.V.MMVI, which stand for the date of their secret commitment ceremony on March 8, 2006. They also both have tattoos of the same Latin phrase De Integro, meaning "Again from the start". Perhaps it's David's way of keeping the romance alive, considering the couple's hectic schedules have kept them apart for much of this month. However, they were briefly reunited in New York earlier this week, where they caught a Broadway performance of The Little Mermaid with sons Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6 and three-year-old Cruz.

You know ... if Becks keeps getting all these tattoo tributes to his adoring wife, I'm going to start losing hope that he will ever leave her and run away with me. I'm so serious ... I'm getting really close to starting to wonder if it'll ever happen already. [Source]

Pink reader Allie happened to stumble upon Gossip Girl co-stars and on-screen LOVERS Blake Lively and Penn Badgley lunching together in the San Fernando Valley in SoCal this week and sends along this pic and a short little report on their afternoon lunch trist:

Allie writes: I was having lunch with a friend the other day at Pita Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, CA and spotted Blake Lively and Penn Badgley lunching on shawarma and falafel. I tried to snap the best possible picture without annoying them, but unfortunately Penn's back is to the camera. It is a bit difficult to see, but I guarantee that it is indeed the two of them lunching together.

OMG ... don't you just love it when on-screen chemistry turns into real-life romance? I also love that Allie kinda sorta became a real-life Gossip Girl, too. [thanks Allie]

Heidi Klum and Seal packed up their horde of kiddies for a little trip to Disneyland this week ... but it looks like they were having more fun than the kids were:

See, I can never get David to do face paint stuff with me. The love of Heidi and Seal is one that I can only dream of. [Source]

Ugh ... in absolutely UNNECESSARY sex tape news, a woman who claims to have had a semi-recent sexual encounter with KISS bassist Gene Simmons (with the videotaped evidence to make her case) has decided to take their union public for all the world to see ... for the low, low price of $29.95 a month -- a bargain!!!

Rock star Gene Simmons purportedly stars in the latest celebrity sex footage to hit the Internet, XBIZ has learned. launched today with footage alleging to be the KISS legend having sex with a blond model. According to the site, Simmons' alleged sex partner is an Austrian model named Elsa, a member of Frank's Energy Drink Drink Girls, a brand Simmons endorses. John Stevens, who claimed to be a spokesperson from Stormfront Corp., the Panama-based company that acquired the tape, told XBIZ that it was Simmons' co-star in the sex vid who brokered the tape. Stevens would not comment on if Simmons knew about the existence of the sex tape, or if he was involved in its sale because he "didn't know." Stevens said that the footage, which is approximately nine minutes long and in black and white, was filmed around nine months ago at an undisclosed location. Simmons leaves his shirt on and his pants around his ankles while he services Elsa. From "Watch the sex tape Gene doesn't want you to see. Exclusive to this video is sure to turn some heads, squeeze some Family Jewels and maybe even get someone FIRED." "Gene's a rock star so he can do whatever he wants," Stevens said. "This is Demon Gene at his finest." A video clip posted on the site shows the couple having sex in missionary position. The video is available for for $29.95 for the month.

Why Lord ... why? What have we done to be punished in this manner? UGH. Now, I haven't really watched any of this footage (not even the free clip that is posted on the site) but the poofy, candy cotton hairdo and man's doughy disposition really does look to be Gene Simmons. And as unsavory as this whole thing is, it really smells like a set-up to me ... not that I feel all that bad for Gene Simmons (I suspect on some level he may enjoy this new bump in notoriety) but I'm pretty sure he was unaware that he was being filmed with this woman. If anyone wants to pony up the $29.95 to watch the vid and send me a short review, I guess I wouldn't mind reading it ... so long as I don't have to see it ::shudder:: [Source, Source]

Jesse McCartney is lookin' to date ... and he's taking his quest online ... to ... like, seriously. Here are a few pics from Jesse aka jbagel07's JDate profile:

Jesse McCartney's new CD, Departure, which comes out on May 20, is filled with romantic tunes, but he's a very single guy right now. The 20-year-old has joined the Jewish dating site -- even though he isn't Jewish! "One of my best buddies is a conservative Jew and his sister had met her boyfriend on JDate," he explains. "I actually hadn't heard of it before. He was like, 'You should try JDate.' There are a lot of different people of all religious backgrounds on that site. My screen name is jbagel07 and a lot of people see the pictures of me and say, 'Who are you? Why are you pretending to be Jesse McCartney?' And I say, 'It's me -- I just decided to meet somebody online.' And they're still like, 'Why are you doing it?' I have to admit I have a pretty cheesy profile -- I just had fun with it." Jesse is still nursing a broken heart over his split with David Cassidy's daughter, Katie.

Cheesy profile, you say? Well, let's take a look at his profile and see just how cheesy it really is. Here is the full text from his About Me section:

I am 20 years old. I love life, love what i do, love my fam, friends and want to meet someone who is willing to share all of that with me. I feel like i've learned so much by traveling around the world and meeting every person imaginable. I would consider myself very worldly because of it. Music is my biggest passion and i have been fortunate enough to make it my profession. I'm currently working on my third album and have just finished up some film projects. For what it's worth, i might as well tell you that i have a pretty simple outlook; being independent can be the most valuable thing you ever posses. Once you have that, and you know who you are, you can then find that person to share your time with. I work hard and i play hard. I'm pretty spontaneous, love fine-dining and enjoy the REAL simple things in life. I pride myself in turning most situations into a funny joke and I find myself eager to make a woman laugh!!

Here is the portion of his profile that is titled Relationships:

My perfect first date: whatever you wanna do- crazy or low key...I'm down for whatever

My ideal relationship: bonnie and clyde

My past relationships: does she love her mom?

Um ... Bonnie and Clyde? Ok ... whatevs ... here is the portion of his profile titled My Ideal Match, ie. what he's looking for:

Age Range: 20 to 30

Relationship Status: Single, Divorced, Separated

Religious Background: Unaffiliated

Education Level: Some College, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, JD/Ph.D/Postdoctoral

Drinking Habits: Socially

Smoking Habits: Non-Smoker, Occasionally, Regularly

Well now ... he'll take a divorced yet educated person who drinks socially and may or may not smoke ... does this sound like you? Click HERE to check out Jesse's JDate profile for yourself (reg. required) and see if a love connection can be made. Remember, if it works out in the long run, I want to be invited to the wedding. [Source]

Candie's has announced that Hayden Panettiere has been named their new spokesperson and has just unleashed a mega onslaught of promotional materials to get the word out ... here are 3 of Hayden's full page ads for Candie's that will be showing up in your fave mags soon:

This from the press release: Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICON) (the "Company") announced today that Hayden Panettiere will star in the Company's junior brand, Candie's®, spring 2008 multi-media advertising and marketing campaign for Kohl's Department Stores. Hayden is an award-winning actress, recording artist, activist and a star of NBC's hit television series, "Heroes." Panettiere is following in the high-heeled slides of past Candie's girls such as Grammy® award-winning artist Fergie, Hilary Duff and Destiny's Child. Hayden Panettiere stated, "I am excited to be working with Candie's. Their campaigns are fun and playful and always feature the hottest stars. I am honored to be the new Candie's 'girl' and I look forward to working with them on lots of exciting projects." The print ads have a classic Candie's flare; they are sweet yet sexy and embody a bit of fantasy. The campaign was shot at Serendipity 3 in New York City by photographer, Giuliano Bekor. Panettiere will make personal appearances on behalf of the brand as well as attend a launch party in Hollywood, CA later this month. Candie's is sold exclusively at Kohl's Department Stores and Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer, Candie's, commented, "We are thrilled to have signed Hayden as our new Candie's girl. As one of Hollywood hottest stars, she personifies what we look for in a spokesperson. Hayden is not only talented and beautiful but also funny and irreverent and our Candie's customer loves her." Julie Gardner, Kohl's Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said, "We are excited for Hayden to star in the Candie's multi-media campaign this spring and we are confident she will resonate with our shoppers and drive excitement for the brand, sold exclusively at Kohl's." Later this year, Hayden will be seen in the feature film, "Fireflies in the Garden" in which she co-stars with Julia Roberts and Emily Watson and will also release her debut album on Hollywood Records.

Additionally ... I have 2 videos to share of Hayden on the set of her Candie's photoshoot. Click HERE to see Hayden's reaction when she meets the co-stars of one of her photos. Click HERE to see Hayden explain which of the photos was her favorite to shoot. I gotta say ... Hayden + Candie's = Brilliance! She looks great in these photos. I can't think of another set of pics that look hotter than these ... [Source]

... Whoops, it looks like I spoke too soon. Here are a bunch of pics of Milo Ventimiglia (rumored paramour of Hayden herself) who is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine lookin' all kinds of sexy in his bizznazz attire:

In the little GQ feature, Milo is asked questions about his rumored relationship with Hayden ... I'll leave it up to you to determine if he actually answered those questions sufficiently:

HALO -- That's what the blogs are calling you and Hayden. Does the nickname bug you? You know what, man—it makes me smile.

If you two are dating, why not just say so? I read you bought the girl a ring from Tiffany's! When you're in the public eye, you try to keep whatever you can private. People can speculate and talk. But what can you do—stop living your life?

Hayden was GQ's Obsession of the Year. Did you like those photos? Yes, I did. They were very nice.

Um hmm. Make of this what you will. [Source]

And finally ... here's a little game to wind things up on this happy hump day ... can you guess who owns this butt crack and these undies?

Click above to find out who it is

Yes, there ain't much to go on clue-wise in this pic ... would it help to know that the owner is riding a motorcycle? Good luck!! [thanks Doug]

Les News:
Okay ... so last night I was among the fortunate few here in the US to get our first look at the German popband juggernaut known as Tokio Hotel. I've been hearing buzz about this group for months now ... mostly about how crazy with adoration their fans are (think N*Sync in their hey-day meets AFI/MCR ... kinda) ... so when I heard that the band would be playing here in NYC while I was in town, well, I figured I'd check them out for myself. I must admit, I wasn't quite prepared for the insane devotion that I witnessed from the audience but it was pretty interesting to see. Here are a few pics from last night's Tokio Hotel show at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza:

I'm not exactly sure how but I managed to take over 300 pictures of last night's show ... I put my camera on "blast mode" which takes about 10 pics every second or something like that ... unfortch, a vast majority of the pics are blurry but HERE is the full album. Should any Tokio Hotel fans want to check them out and pretend they were at last night's show ... have at it.

Here is a video that I shot of the band's encore/final song of the night:

It was a wild night, let me tell you. At the show, I happened to run into my friends Sarah (Ultragrrrl), Gurj (just Gurj) and Karen (Karen plus One) in the crowd ... getting to hang out with them just made the night perfect ... here are a few pics of me with these lovely ladies ... and then of us with the band after the show (the guys were very nice to their fans ... which is a very refreshing thing to see from a group this young):

The shizz was bananas, let me tell you. After the show as over, we witnessed a couple of girls actually fighting over a towel that the lead singer threw into the crowd. One of the girls was gnawing on the towel to try and rip it in half so that she could get a small piece to take home ... like, it was nuts. Sarah got it on video -- click HERE to see it.

There is no doubt, the band has a huge and fanatical devotion ... I'll be very interested to see if Tokio Hotel mania takes off here in the US like it has in Europe. By the looks of it, they're already off to a great start. Much love goes out to Jamie and Jon for allowing access to the band after the show, we had a blast!!

Tonight is my last night in NYC, I think David and I are gonna keep it quiet ... I'm off to LA tomorrow night.

That is all ... I'm out.



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