Friday, February 29, 2008

Constant Craving

Happy Leap Day, y'all! I hadn't realized that this year was a Leap Year until earlier this week when I started seeing stuff about today being Leap Day. I guess I should remember that the Summer Olympics always coincide with Leap Years but ... ah well. Maybe I'll remember in 2012. In any regard, today is a special day for those of you born on February 29th (like Pink reader Dee who is celebrating a birthday today) and for the folks in the Michigan city of Hell (yes, Hell is the real name of a city in Michigan) area who are getting married today:

"It's a cold day in Hell," said John Colone. "It's time to get married." Two weeks ago, the 63-year-old Hell resident came up with the idea of hosting a free leap day wedding celebration for couples who might need a little push down the aisle. He is even providing a minister and grab bags containing champagne and chocolate for those who decide to take the leap on leap day. "Marriage today is a tough job, you have to eat, sleep and think it 24 hours a day," Colone said. "There's not a lot of humor in life and we're giving some humor to folks." Colone, owner of Screams Ice Cream & Halloween Store in Hell, hoped the event would bring couples together while playing up the name of the nationally recognized Michigan town. Upon hearing of the event in Hell, located in Livingston County, Colone was flooded with calls from people from as far away as Tennessee and Florida. "We had to turn people down," Colone said. "Just about as many as we will marry today." Ann Jarema, a nondenominational Christian minister, will be performing 29 weddings and six marriage vow renewals in the chapel today. The Pinckney resident has been performing weddings since 1992 and works at 50-100 each year. Colone, who will celebrate his 40th anniversary next month, said the event appeals to couples who might want to skip the traditional wedding frills. Of course, some traditions still apply. Couples are still expected to obtain the necessary marriage license, which takes at least three days to obtain following the application process. The Hell weddings are interesting in themselves and people come out because it's a cute spot," said Jarema, 51. The first time Jarema performed a marriage in the Hell chapel was on 06/06/06. The quaint chapel, which Colone built two years ago, accommodates around 10 people and features a question mark atop the steeple. Today, the chapel will see one wedding every 20 minutes. Jarema thinks today's leap day ceremonies are a memorable way to commemorate the leap year and celebrate love. Today, she will even marry a couple that got engaged 29 years ago today. "It's a great way to shrug off convention, but we have people who are just as serious about the event as I," Jarema said. When asked if a leap year wedding will increase the odds of forgetting an anniversary, which would occur only once every four years, Colone simply said: "No, it's just a guy thing."

Hahahhahaha! I love it! Much congrats to all the folks who are getting hitched in Hell, MI today. And just to clarify, the way I understand it, Hell got its name back in the days of prohibition because the city was known for not adhering to the laws against alcohol creation and consumption (altho, Wikipedia lists other explanations for the city name). In any event, Happy Leap Day to all y'all in Hell and elsewhere in the world!!! [Source]

Here are a few new pictures of Jamie-Lynn Spears out and about in her hometown of Kentwood, LA sportin' a pretty non-existent baby bump as she runs a few errands around town ... one errand being the search for a new home for her, her baby and babydaddy Casey Aldridge (??) to live in once she pops:

Photo credit: Splash News

JL doesn't leave her home anymore unless she's wearing an oversized sweatshirt, which is a great way to hide a baby bump ... but I really expected her to be a little further along in her pregnancy. I don't even know why I'm complaining, I'm not really relishing the idea of seeing little Jamie-Lynn Spears walking around with a huge, pregnant belly. Man, kids grow up so fast these days. [Source]


Okay ... so I have to say that last night's ep of Lost was pretty good but I'm suffering from this love/hate relationship with the ep. Thus far, the season has kicked all ass ... the eps have returned to that good ol' mysterious confusion that made it a hit back in '04 but something about last night's ep pushed it all a little too far over the line for me. I always bristle when time travel is introduced into TV shows (especially ones where producers have SWORN that there would be a logical explanation for everything that occurs) but, if done properly, this new development may turn out very cool ... or may make the show jump the shark again (like it did at the beginning of last season):

First off, lemme just get out all the stuff that I didn't like. Because the season is so short (due to the Writer's Strike), I feel like last night's ep was rushed a bit ... there was WAY TOO MUCH explanation crammed into a short amount of time which made the time shifting stuff feel a little dumb to me. When Desmond shifted back in time (to 1996) and just went to Oxford to find Dan the professor (merely because he was told to by some guy on a satellite phone that he didn't remember at all) and then all that biz with the fried mouse named Eloise (who also jumped between time and then died cuz it couldn't handle the effects of time shifting an hour), well, I was kind of just rolling my eyes. It doesn't make sense how Desmond could remember some things about Dan Farady (like what he looks like, for example) and nothing at all about Sayid, the island, etc. But, I had to just go with it (cutting a lot of slack since the season had to be condensed) and ended up liking the story overall (the talking to Penny bit from the ship on Xmas eve was also a bit much to stomach but, I went with it). As long as the time shift stuff doesn't spread beyond Desmond, I'll be cool (tho I suspect that Dan Farady may end up shifting at some point ... where he'll have to rely on Desmond as his constant). There isn't enough info about the time shifting (or maybe too much info) to get all mired in it just yet so I'll let it be for now. There were other things that popped up that I loved in the classic Lost sense ... like the auctioning of the ledger from the Black Rock ship (which also crashed on the island many years before ... the one that contained all the dynamite) which was owned by the Hanso family (creators of the Dharma Initiative) and was purchased by Mr. Widmore (Penny's father). Could there be something in the numbers that were revealed during the auction? The ledger item number was 2342 and Widmore's bidder number was 755. Wait, I'm prolly over thinking too much now (damn the time travel ... it messes with your head). I want more ... I need this ep to make more sense cuz I'm afraid if things get too complicated, too confusing I'll lose interest ... tho, Pink reader Nicole send me a link to THIS site which seems to have a pretty thorough explanation of what may be going on on the island. Pink reader Suz sends in THIS site which is similar in scope but a bit different in theory. I gotta say, the theory is well thought out and pretty well explained ... who knows if it has any merit but it's worth a look if this time travel stuff is effing with your head. I have to say that my hat is off to the Lost producers this year ... they are really giving us a lot to chew on ... I just hope they tread carefully and not push us away (like they did for the first half of last season) ... things are too good this time around for another disappointment. [Source, Source]

Extra! Extra! This just in ... Brad Pitt got himself a haircut which he showed off on the set of his new movie The Tree of Life which is currently filming in Texas ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

I don't know that I love the Billy Bob Thornton Sling Blade meets Tom Hanks Forrest Gumpness of the look but leave it to Brad to want to rock a look like this in a movie. I just know that he takes on roles like this in the hopes that one of them may lead to the Academy Awards. Don't they say that pretty people who get ugly in movies tend to win Oscars? I guess we'll see. [Source]

Yesterday news broke world wide that Prince Harry had been stationed in Afghanistan for the past couple of months where he was serving in active duty and then word came that he was already being shipped back to England for his own safety. Here are a few pics of Prince Hottie Harry all gussied up in his military garb lookin' like a bad-ass with his big gun, his big tank and his big friends:

Prince Harry was tonight preparing to pull out of Afghanistan as the Taliban threatened more attacks in the face of what it has described as "aggression against Muslims". According to a Taliban spokesman, the prince's presence in Helmand province is a direct sign of the British Royal Family's stance against Muslims and warned it would merely encourage further insurgent attacks against British soldiers. Zabihullah Mujahid said: "Prince Harry's presence in Afghanistan encourages our fighters to launch more attacks on British forces. "The Royal Family is now directly participating in the aggression against Muslims" ... There are also fears that Prince Harry will be targeted by Islamic jihadists when he returns to Britain and he has been warned to stay away from his favourite London nightclubs. He could be back home as early as tomorrow following the decision by military chiefs to withdraw him from the front line immediately. But sources say they fear he could now become the "number one target" for terrorist cells in Britain, having spent 10 weeks fighting the Taliban. He is expected to be ordered back to the Household Cavalry barracks at Windsor and to keep a low profile over the coming weeks even though in an interview in Afghanistan he declared: "I don't want to sit around in Windsor." The prince faces being banned from his favourite nightclubs including Boujis, Amika and Mahiki while security is stepped up to the highest level around him. Late nights at the clubs were a fixture in his social life before his deployment but are now seen by senior officers in Scotland Yard as too high risk. In a statement released today the MoD said that the decision to remove Harry from Afghanistan was 'regrettable'. Military chiefs are now making final preparations to remove the prince from the front line and fly him back to Britain.

I love that the Taliban is now all pissed off just because they *just* found out that Prince Harry was ever in Afghanistan -- LOL! I also love how the Daily Mail, where this report comes from, is trying to make an issue of how "dangerous" it will be for Harry to go to his favorite nightclubs -- double LOL! I, for one, thinks is admirable for Harry to put himself in harm's way just to serve his country. Granted, he was prolly heavily protected (more so than any other regular solider) but still ... for him to even want to take on such a dangerous mission is pretty rad in my book. Plus, Harry makes a hawt soldier, which I also quite like :) [Source]

Could it possibly be that Brody Jenner has finally run out of female companionship (most probably because he's already hooked up with every single girl on the planet) and has to now resort to enjoying the company of men in his leisure time?

Photo credit: Splash News

Blah ... this hottie who is dining with Brody is prolly just one of his bros or something ... surely, nothing at all could be going on betwixt them ... right? [Source]

In other male-to-male lurve news, Torchwood star and all-around openly gay heart-throb John Barrowman is proudly introducing the world to the new man in his life, his new pooch Captain Jack (named for his character on Torchwood), in these adorable pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

OMG ... can't you just die! They make a really adorable couple and I just *love* what the little pup is wearing. It's really very fetch. I hope these two will be happy together forever. [Source]

Janet Jackson was the guest on CNN's Larry King Live last night where she taught Larry some dance moves, broke some news about her "dream tour", the Hollywood "It" Girls, her weight struggles and another semi-interesting personal information. Here are a few caps from her appearance last night:

This may open a whole new career for Larry King: dipping instead of dishing. The suspendered CNN interviewer, 74, gets a lesson in how to dance from Janet Jackson, 41, on his show Thursday night. She shakes; he quakes. (For a glimpse of their fancy footwork, click HERE.) "Okay Janet, show me a trick," says King as he readies for his lesson."I don't know what I am doing," he adds as Ms. Jackson giggles and patiently shows him a few moves while her new music video is screened behind them. "What is this called?" he asks about one rigorous step. "The Dance of the Video," she says. He also wonders if this is how Gene Kelly got started. You be the judge.

Janet also revealed that keeps trying to get her brothers, The Jackson 5, to do a reunion tour so that she could open up for them. I find it hard that the Jacksons can get it together enough to actually embark on a tour of this magnitude (especially since she reveals that Michael Jackson is "on the fence" about a reunion tour since he is trying to focus on his [non-existent] solo career) but, you never know. Janet's interview is a fascinating read (in case you missed seeing it live last night) which you can check out in its entirety HERE. [Source, Source]

Here are the rest of the People magazine photos of mama Nicole Richie, papa Joel Madden and their little angel Harlow Winter from this week's issue which is on newsstands now:

Squeeeeeee these pics are so cute. That baby looks so much like Joel, I can't even stand it ... they make the absolute cutest little family ever. I wish them nothing but a lifetime of health, happiness and lurve :) I've already purchased 3 copies of this issue of People magazine -- it's a deffo keeper. [Source]

Incidentally, as far as we know officially, Nicole and Joel have not gotten married despite the fact that they are wearing matching rings. Unless they got hitched on the downlow, I don't believe that they got married ... yet :)

Madonna is featured on the cover of the new issue of Dazed and Confused magazine wherein she talks about her new album Hard Candy and about her invincibility and all the roles she plays while recording an album. The photos were shot by Steven Klein, natch:

"I have moments where I feel incredibly invincible and know that I have the audience in my hand… and then I have panic attacks, where I feel like everyone is breathing my air, and I might just die on stage" – Madonna

In the April issue of the magazine, out March 13th, undisputed heavyweight champ of reinvention Madonna talks exclusively to Dazed & Confused's Jefferson Hack about her latest incarnation. In her first interview about her new album Hard Candy, worked on with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and Timbaland, Madonna discusses her many different, and occasionally contradictory, roles – as performer and provocateur, mother and artist, style icon and campaigner. Photographed by long-time collaborator Steven Klein, the queen of pop looks as uncompromising, tough and sexy as ever.

Great pics, I can't wait to see more. I am so intrigued by this new album ... it's been shrouded in so much mystery for so long ... I just hope my expectations aren't too high. Madonna has an uncanny way of meeting expectations so I'm not worried ... much. [Source]

Popbytes scored the full V magazine photospread featuring Gwen Stefani in their new issue ... check it out:

I really like this magazine cover more than the firt one that we saw ... but the shoot is really very cool. I love the avant-gardeness of it ... it's edgy but not over the top. Gwen, much like Madonna and Kylie Minogue, is able to really transform herself seemingly effortlessly from one look to the next. It's always a treat to see what new look Gwen comes up with from time to time. [Source via Source]

Lindsay Lohan is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Paper magazine:

These pics aren't quite as interesting as her Marilyn Monroe pics in New York magazine but you gotta give her snaps for posing with a jackhammer. It's a look. [Source]

Justin Timberlake is really taking this acting thing pretty seriously ... here are a few screencaps from the trailer of his new movie The Love Guru:

Porn 'stache + bikini briefs + karate moves = someone really bringing SexyBack. I'm sure this movie will be absolutely horrible ... but I know I'm gonna have to see it anyways. [Source]

First came Flavor Flav ... then came New York ... then came Tila Tequila ... and now ... THIS:

OY ... you just know that Domenico is going to be a big star. I weep for this world. [Source]

And finally ... you may remember Alan Ritchson from his short stint on American Idol (where he was better known for his abs rather than his signing) ... or you may remember him from his short stint on Smallville as Aquaman (ymmo!) ... but I'm sure you won't soon for get his not so short anything as featured in this new campaign for N2N Underwear:

Click above to see larger, semi-NSFW images

Don't you just love a renaissance man? What can't this man accomplish. See folks, you, too, can achieve your dreams ... reach for the stars. I gotta say, I think I am more a fan of Alan's modeling prowess than anything else ... he has some great assets :) [Source]

Les News:
Last night I got to meet up with my friend Kirsten from Detroit who is in town this week vacating here in SoCal. I hadn't been able to see her for some time now (not since Zakiya's first birthday party) so I jumped at the chance to meet up. I met her and her friend Dreolin for dinner at Rambutan Thai in Silverlake:

It was really very cool getting to spend time with her again ... we got on as if no time had passed at all. We did get to catch up with one another which was very fun.

After dinner, I made my way to the airport to pick up David who arrived from NYC. He is spending the weekend here in Cali ... we are heading down to San Diego tomorrow to celebrate his friend Diana's birthday. It'll be a bizzy weekend, I'm sure.

I hope y'all have a great weekend ... and enjoy today .. you won't be able to enjoy another Feb. 29 for another 4 years!

I'm out!!