Monday, June 21, 2004

britney hounded as she shops for pup

as if hurting your knee enough to have to go thru surgery and having to cancel your world tour wasn't enough ...

poor britney can't even go to the pet store to shop for a new puppy without getting hounded ... hee hee, hounded, get it? anyways ... world of britney posted pix of the whole ordeal which i will caption myself:

britney and co. get into their car and try to escape with the new puppy.

she screams for the paparazzi hounding her with their cameras to "go away!!!"

this guy doesn't listen and gets his foot run over.

britney thinks "oh fuck!"

the ambulances are called ...

britney is questioned by the police ...

she has a few choice words for the paparazzi her mom didn't run over ...

but succumbs to the pressure and starts to cry.

the end.

moral of the story ... well for one, get your feet away from the tires of cars that are trying to speed away (especially if you're only wearing converse chuck taylors) ... and secondly, don't mess with britney, ms. spears if you're nasty ... the jerks.