Sunday, June 20, 2004


today was a pretty awesome day. after last night we were pretty wiped out this morning. it was funny to come downstairs and find boys draped all over the place in the living room. jake was sketching landscaping designs, mike was reading a magazine on the couch and brandon was still wrapped up in blankets.

mike had to go home for father's day and erik was taking brandon and jacob shopping for shoes/clothes. i, too, had to go home for father's day so i couldn't go to the mall with them.

i hung out with my dad for a few hours ... he rocks. but while i was at my parent's house erik called me to tell me that he found a pair of pink converse chuck taylors. i have been looking for a pair and almost ordered some online after we got back from LA. i asked him to pick them up for me ...

they're soo cool! duh, pink is pimp!

we all had plans to meet up downtown for the rock city festival which was a free series of shows in the parking lot behind the majestic/magic stick theaters.

we grabbed some drinks, bought some swag, ate some food ... actually used the "facilities" only because they had this awesome pump operated sink where you could wash your hands.

the first band we were there to see was saturday looks good to me:

then the fondas:

then pas/cal:

and finally ... brendan benson:

erik loves saturday looks good to me and kirsten and megan are friends with the guys from pas/cal. julie, the lead singer for the fondas, works at barbarella and we just love her ... her voice is amazing! i bought their cd and a pink t-shirt ... she came over to talk to us while we were watching brendan ... she's so fun ... we love her!

we were really excited to see brendan benson ... i've never seen him perform before. i got him to sign my cd afterwards too.

it was SO cool being at this festival. tracey showed up randomly and found us ... we hung out for a bit. brandon and megan were flirty all night ... meg white was in the hizzle ... she was hanging out with the female singer of the band blanche and was also hanging out with brendan. detroit has an awesome music scene ... say what you will about the city or the scene ... the music is where it's at.

it was a fun time in d-town ... that's for sure.

rock on!