Monday, December 20, 2004

Baby, It's Cold Outside

While the temperature right now is 13°F, it was a mere 3°F last night. I believe the temperature dipped below zero overnight ... does this crap suck or what?! The only thing that could make it feel worse would be having to go to work ... so I really shant complain any further.

I just got home from having lunch with my parents. They came to visit me and we all went to Fishbone's for lunch. I had a great sushi meal and they both enjoyed their meals too! Yay! Now maybe they'll come over more often and take me out for sushi more often too!

Can someone tell me when Good Charlotte turned into a goth band?

Additionally, can someone tell me when Jessica Simpson died?

Her mortician should be shot!

Here is the first picture of the new happy couple, Ellen and Portia:

I hate to say it be they make a really cute couple ... unlike ...

Brandy and Spawn of Brandy:

That poor little girl ... if I were her I'd lie and say that this woman wasn't my mommy but my drunk nanny instead.

Let's do the news:
And that is it for now. I need to start logging some serious couch time. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. Later y'all!