Thursday, December 16, 2004

Free Yourself

Today is the last real day of work before Xmas vacation. We all have to be here tomorrow for the last day before vacation but there are no classes ... just a bunch of Ho Ho Ho/Ring Them Bells-type of bullshizz. I get to leave early today, I don't have to teach today (because my class does not meet on Thursdays) and we are in free dress (I am wearing my fave pair of Diesel jeans) so it shall be a fairly painless day. Additionally, me and my homeroom are having a pizza lunch together ... ah, the joys of the holiday season.

Can I get a super-mega DING DING: POOP SANDWICH for the new show Big Man On Campus on The WB. Turns out that the damn thing is a Bachelor rip-off for college co-eds. I watched the series premiere last night ... the 15 girls "combed the campus" of USF to find candidates for the Big Man On Campus. They narrowed it down to 6 guys (some kind of hot) and then selected this dude, Matt, to be the BMOC. The rest of the show will blatantly rip-off The Bachelor where the BMOC dates the girls and selects his "Campus Queen". No thanks ... I think I've seen all I need to in the one episode. To be fair, that one episode had lots of shirtless guys, lots of catty girl-on-girl action (not that kind of action Brandon) and a stabbing! Hello, what's a reality show if someone doesn't get stabbed??? Catch the rerun if you have nothing else to watch but don't worry about watching the show ... I won't.

So, yesterday the first pictures of Britney in NY surfaced and today we have the first pictures that show that Kevin is also in NYC:

Britney was photographed with BitBit (her new chihuahua) while NOT wearing a coat ... please, as long as she's wearing shoes -- let's just leave her alone.

Also yesterday, I posted a picture of Paris, Lindsay and Ashlee out on the town. I also came across this picture but did not post it (note the designated driver):

The funny genius (and my new fave blogger) at goldenfiddle DID post the picture with a hilarious tagline ... you'll have to go HERE to read it.

And we can't have a day of goss without going overboard on the Paris Hilton talk ... there are new promo pictures of Paris' Guess ad campaign:

There must be a joke where I can use "Paris Hilton" and "Women's Bottoms" in the same sentence ... but I just can't come up with it right now ... See more pictures HERE.

Also, it seems like with every day comes a new movie trailer to share. The remake of The Amityville Horror is set to hit theaters soon ... click the image below to check out the (super scary) trailer:

The fun kids at Oh No They Didn't! have scrounged up a new (well, new to me) picture of Christian Bale in the new Batman costume:

Looks hot!

And now, the news:
Das ist alles. I have some grades to record ... then I have to pick up a couple of pizzas ... I plan on making this day go by as quickly as possible!