Saturday, December 11, 2004

Goddess In Your Eyes

Juliana Hatfield was amazing! I love seeing shows at The Ark in Ann Arbor because it is such a hassle-free experience.

There's no smoking, there isn't a bad seat in the place -- you can order food and drink and just enjoy the show. Seeing Juliana at The Ark is one of my favorite things!

The setlist was awesome, here are the songs I remember her playing (not in order and probably not complete):

Jamie's In Town
My Enemy
Fleur De Lys
What A Life
My Protegé
I See You
I Got No Idols
Spin The Bottle
My Sister
Feel It (Some Girls song)
Necesito (Some Girls song)
Robot City (Some Girls song)
Somebody Is Waiting For Me
Slow Motion
Choose Drugs
If I Could

I'm pretty sure she did more songs ... she played for about 2 hours. She announced that is now offering 2 new songs a week on her official website for download. She talked about she has an enormous catalog of songs that might never get released so she is going to offer them to fans to download, 2 per week. The songs available now are Invisible and If I Could (Which she performed live telling us it was written in '97). Anyone can download them for free but there are PayPal links to pay for them if you want. I chose to pay $.99 for each one. They are amazing! I hope she continues doing this until she's released them all!!

Erik and I had such a great time at the show ... We love Juliana!