Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Salty Goodness

Hurray! It seems like there will finally be new albums by both Nina Gordon and Louise Post (the new Veruca Salt) in '05. Nina has this to say:

so i finished the record many months ago, turned it in to warner bros., they liked it, and we started talking about the release date. i was feeling a little unsure about the record though-- it just didn't feel done. it is very slow and sad, which i love, but i just felt like something was missing, and i wasn't ready to let go of it. anyway, i went in to warner bros., and told them how i felt, and they were very supportive, and agreed to let me go back and re-record some stuff and record a few new songs. i will probably go and do this with bob rock in maui ... what can i say? so, i am once again in the position of apologizing profusely to all of you who are waiting so patiently for my next album. it really shouldn't take this long, but for some reason it just is. i have been dragging my heels a bit i guess, trying to figure out my next move, writing new songs, and busy with some other stuff in my life. so i will go do some more work after the holidays, and hopefully the new stuff will fit with the songs we have already recorded, and i will have a beautiful album that i can be 100% psyched about.

In the meantime, she offers an MP3 of her cover of N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton for download at the Sights & Sounds section of her website (or you can right-click and Save As HERE).

Additionally, Veruca Salt's official website tells us that the band, too, is close to completion of a new album:

In Los Angeles, lead singer and founder Louise Post has been writing and recording with various producers, in preparation for the upcoming, long-awaited fourth Veruca Salt Album. She's happy to have had time to focus on physical and spiritual health (don't worry, no trips to India!) having been in a prolonged state of industry-shell-shock after her departure from Veruca Salt's last label, Beyond Music ... 2005 looks to be a very exciting year for the band. Armed with new management, label interest, and an abundance of new songs, the band is psyched to get in the studio and hoping to have a summer release for VSIV. Post promises that the new record will be worth the wait ... Fans can expect to hear some new material mixed in with the more familiar, cherished songs of the past three albums.

Hmm ... we'll see. The site Veruca Slut has a few Veruca b-sides and downloads HERE. They are worth checking out.

I am excited for new music ... but they've been making promises for years now ... I'll believe it when I hear it.