Thursday, February 03, 2005

To Boldly Go ... Away

Alright stop what you're doing, cuz I'm about to ruin, the image and the style that you're used to. I'm also going to interrupt your routine ... head on over the domain of His Royal Thighness I for some major news. Holy Super Scoop, Thighman!

But then get your butt back here to read me :)

It's a sad day for geekdom. For the first time in 18 years there will be no Star Trek-related programming on TV. Star Trek: Enterprise has been given the axe:

Can't say I was a fan of Enterprise (though I thought they gave it a good try in the end with the Alien/Nazi storyline) but I love The Next Gen and Voyager ... I'm such a kickass geek! The official announcement is HERE. So, in peace the fork out fashion let's pour some Klingon bloodwine onto the ground for our dearly departed homie.

Here are some new pictures from the Dukes of Hazzard movie:

None of these actors bear any resemblance to the original characters. Jessica Simpson looks like Jessica Simpson (blonde) and not so much like Daisy Duke (brunette). I'm sure the movie will be entertaining but I'm not holding my breath for a mega-smash hit flick.

Jennifer Lopez is looking hot ... no, that's not J. Lo -- it's Carmen Electra! What's up hot pants?!

I've been a Carmen fan since she came onto the scene when Prince made her into one of his protégées. Her album is cheesy R&B fun ... I actually listened to a bit of it on my iPod just the other day. Everybody, get on up!

Here's the real Jennifer Lopez ...

It's been announced that she will open this year's Grammy Awards by performing a duet with her skeletoid husband Marc Anthony. Rumor has it that the duo will perform the song Escapemonos. How latinoid of them.

Hilary Duff was caught with some stuff:

Not sure if the pic is real but it's making the rounds so I thought I'd share as well.

It looks like Paris Hilton will escape prosecution for stealing a copy of her sex tape:

Can't she just buy up every copy in existence and not bat an eyelash? Oh Paris, you and your acting out.

I'm still lamenting the fact that Stephen from Laguna Beach cancelled his Detroit area appearance 2 weeks ago ... but I still loves me some Kristin. She updated her My Space profile with a new picture of the duo:

Trés goth, n'est ce pas? May 5th (the date when new eps of Laguna Beach begin) can't come quickly enough.

Kelly Osbourne always looks so angry:

Or high ... I'm hoping it's the former.

I got an email from Tori Amos' promotion team with a couple of really cool pictures of Tori from her video shoot for Sleeps With Butterflies:

This picture is my fave of the 2. Sarah and I are still waiting for tickets to go on sale for her NYC appearance at the end of the month. We still *really* want to go and are hoping that we can make it work.

Fix yourself girl, you got a camel toe ... Fanny Pack are coming back:

New album drops in March. Check out their My Space profile HERE ... Holla atcha Mami!

VLB sent me this very weird picture and article:

How come weird stuff only happens in countries like Peru or Bolivia? Freak-y!!!

And now, the news:
The movie last night was ... bizarre. I thought the acting was bad but when you're working with a storyline that revolves around incest, well, I guess you get what you get.

Tonight I may go with Mike to the premiere of the movie Boogeyman:

I'm really hoping that it will be craptastic. I suspect I'm going to get my wish. Later days, y'all.