Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nice Try

On the second, extremely pivotal, day of testimony by Michael Jackson accuser Gavin Arviso, MJ tried to pull another fast-one and cause a delay in the trial. You may remember that in January MJ mysteriously fell ill which caused jury selection to be delayed for a week. Complaining of a "serious back problem" MJ did not show up for court this morning. The judge threatened to issue a warrant for his arrest and forfeit his $3 million dollar bail if he didn't get his ass to court by 1 PM. Michael Jackson showed up 3 minutes late in his silk pajamas:

I have to say, I do not believe Michael Jackson at all ... not for a single second. I am quite convinced that he is guilty of some wrongdoing. I am also convinced, though, that the prosecution will not be able to convict him during this trial. What a world, what a world we live in.