Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Extraordinary News!

Hurray! Sony Music has FINALLY decided to release Fiona Apple's third album Extraordinary Machine:

The news hit like an explosion yesterday ... her official website has been updated, Sony issued a press release, Pitchfork wrote an article about the album's release, MTVnews wrote an article about the album's release and a My Space profile has been created.

You can preview the tracks O' Sailor (HERE) and Parting Gift (HERE) online or you can download the tracks in their entirety at iTunes HERE.

It seems that the album will not be released in the form that it was leaked this year ... there have been some production changes ... but WHO CARES?! I can't wait for this album ... I've been loving it for months now!

Hilary Duff donned her new black wig for her performance on The Tonight Show yesterday:

She looks cute with the dark hair but I think I prefer her with blonde hair:

She looked great on the red carpet of the 2005 Teen Choice Awards.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, on the other hand, did not look that great on that same red carpet ... I am not feelin' the do' rag on Gwen ... nor am I feeling the rat tail on Gavin:

The drum major outfit-thing it getting a little tired ... but I like that she keeps changing it up. Did I ever tell you guys about how I was destined to become a drum major? I was also born to play the cymbals in marching band ... but, alas, it wasn't meant to be ... whoa tangent ... let's move on ...

Mariah Carey was actually wearing clothes at the Teen Choice Awards ... it was very good of her to consider her audience:

Can you imagine if she had worn her first choice for an outfit?

Eva Longoria spent some time at the pool this weekend:

I dunno ... no nip slips, no man to make out with ... what was the point?

Hmm ... what is Ryan Phillippe doing partying in Iceland?

These pictures may or may not be Ryan (it could be him -- supposedly he was partying with Jesse Bradford) but I am very anxious to know why he would be in Iceland (of all places) if it turns out to be him. This story ... developing.

UPDATE: I recieved an email from a Pink reader and she tells me that she knows an actor who was cast in Clint Eastwood's new movie Flags of our Fathers -- which stars Ryan Phillippe and Jesse Bradford. The movie is filming in Reykjavik, Iceland right now. Another Pink reader, whose friend is a PA on the film, confirms that it is Ryan in these pictures. [thanks Hillary and Bethany] [via ONTD!]

Oh look ... Lindsay Lohan is out and about again ...

... and still no time for the cameras. What is she hiding exactly ...?

Paris Hilton decided to take her new haircut for a night out:

I like the cut ... lose the dumb pony tail and it's a cute look.

Here are some pictures of Brittany Murphy shooting a movie in London:

I really like her all cleaned up. See, folks, rehab works.

Donatella Versace is a strange bird:

I wonder from whence she really came?

Did y'all get to watch the season premiere of My Super Sweet 16 last night? That girl was completely and utterly vile!

Her attitude was totally fostered by her idiot mother. I wanted to slap her every time she opened her big, fat mouth ... but it did make for great TV. Little Sophia has a My Space profile HERE (of course she does) and has become quite the topic of conversation at Oh No They Didn't!

Here are all the posters from the Aldo Fights AIDS campaign:

You can get wallpapers and a screensaver of these images HERE.

My dear Tony sent me this picture of him and Bob Barker:

He and his friends were doing a scavenger hunt and one of the things they needed to get was a picture with a celebrity ... how fun! Ahhh, to live in LA.

And finally, here are some more Pink fan pictures:

I am getting so many pictures from you guys, it's really sweet of you to take the time to send me the pix. But, I think this is the last week that I'm going to post pictures ... there are so many, I'm getting overwhelmed. Please don't be upset if your picture doesn't get posted -- I couldn't possibly post them all. I will post pictures for the rest of the week and then close out this fun little activity.

The news:
We had such a blast yesterday celebrating Erik's birthday. I cooked dinner for the 2 of us and then our close friends came over for cake and drinks. We had so much fun. We are going to go dancing this Thursday to further celebrate his birthday.

Erik and I were VERY touched by all of the kind comments that you guys left for him yesterday. He was so surprised to read them all ... thank you all very much!

I have some new cds to pick up today (Hilary, The Killers, The Click Five) ... so I better get to it.

I'm out.