Thursday, September 15, 2005

Everybody Has One

So the big news is that P.M.S. Federline has been brought forth into the world ... yes, we all know that Britney Spears gave birth (well, she actually had her stomach sliced open) to her first child yesterday -- Preston Michael Spears Federline. The buzz started early in the day ... the news hit like a bolt well into the afternoon ... and now we wait ... although has posted an official statement via electronic birth announcement, there have been no real pictures ... yet:

I suspect the baby news has been quiet so that Britney's other delivery can occur without being too overshadowed ... today she unveils her new fragrance called Fantasy Britney Spears:

I was very lucky to be given a promo package of Fantasy Britney Spears ... including the fragrance, a poster and other fun little promo items. The Fantasy website goes live at around 5 PM today ... the site will have wallpapers, icons, ringtones and more! I can't wait to download a ringtone and have Britney say, "Hey y'all! Your phone is ringin'!"

While we wait for the website to go live, how about we check out the TV commercial for Fantasy HERE. It's an interesting commercial, the guy who plays Kevin looks WAY HOTTER than Kevin does ... and the Britney stand-in does a pretty good job. The commercial will debut on TRL tomorrow.

Yeah, I don't have 12 new pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal today ... but I do have this one picture of Jake and Heath Ledger at the Brokeback Mountain press conference:

They make such a cute couple, don't they? [via, thanks Danielle]

Reese Witherspoon got her booty up to Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her new movie Walk the Line, which stars Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash:

I am very excited by this movie ... the trailer looks amazing ... and I can't believe how much Joaquin sounds like Johnny Cash!

Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp all united in Toronto for the premiere of their new movie Corpse Bride:

Tim looks like a madman (as usual), Helena looks like the actual corpse bride (as usual) and Johnny looks light years better by comparison. I love his jewelry!

Orlando Bloom is very good at making different facial expressions:

I think the "orgasm face" is my favorite.

Holy Moly ... Lindsay Lohan chopped off her hair!

This looks like a cut, y'all. I suppose it's possible that she just took out extensions but whatever the case may be ... I like it. It really gives her that Meg Ryan-look.

Lil' Kim is hard a work while she is still a free woman ... she managed to secure Mary J. Blige for a new video:

Ah Kimberly ... we'll miss you while you're in the clink.

Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey (?!) have been brought together to film a Pepsi commercial:

I'm not exactly sure what the premise is but ... doesn't it look like Parker is looking a little Helena Bonham Carter-ish ... just a bit? I think it's the clothes ...

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen spent a night out at the movies this week -- they were spotted coming out of the Angelika Film Center in NYC:

It must have been freezing for Ashley to need a wool blanket. I wonder what movie they saw ... Mary Kate looks mortified to be seen.

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton are practically inseparable these days ... here are pictures of the ladies with their men at The Ivy:

Mischa's gay boyfriend doesn't look interested in being touchy-feely ... but Nicole and DJ AM look very lovey. How precious.

Kelly Osbourne has been spending quite a lot of time at Olympus Fashion Week this week ... and it looks like she's made new friends:

Kelly O. is now friends with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan? Doesn't that strike you as being strange?

It's been a while since we've had a Jesse Metcalfe sighting ... but here he is in a really unflattering sleeveless shirt:

Boo! The skull cap is terrible ... and the shirt is too big ... he looks ... unfit.

Here are more pictures from Paris Hilton's photospread in Vanity Fair magazine:

She really loves that horse theme, don't she? This is pretty surprising since she had a pretty bad horse riding accident on the Simple Life.

Charlize Theron is on the cover of the new issue of Premiere magazine:

Looks like she needs for the world to see her nice rack.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is gracing the cover of Angeleno magazine:

See, I have this theory that everyone looks better when they are wet ... but it seems that there are exceptions to every rule.

Real Worlders Landon (RW: Philly), David (RW: Seattle) and Alton (RW: Vegas) are all featured in the new issue of Men's Fitness magazine:

Boo! It's too bad they weren't modeling swim wear.

I am so glad that Joss Whedon is interested in making a TV movie based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Spike and Angel ...

... cuz I think we need more Spike in the world.

And finally, in further celebration of the birth of PMS Federline I have to urge you all to pick up your own copy of Britney's Baby Book. The authors of the book, Amanda and Albertina, are big fans of Pink is the new Blog and have sent me my own copy of the book along with this picture:

The book is hilarious! Britney fans, you have to pick up this book -- it is freaking funny as hell. Check it out!

The news:
Things are getting kinda nuts around here ... I have a few things in the works and it's starting to drive me a little cruiseazy! If everthing works out according to plan there are going to be some fun announcements soon.

Stuff to do ... Wee! I'm out.