Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Get Over The Hump

Well, it seems that Jake Gyllenhaal is the new Pink ... he's been quite a point of discussion around here lately, hasn't he? Well, let's not disappoint and get to today's Jakey round-up ... It seems that Brokeback Mountain gets a new premiere every other day ... Jake appeared at the other premiere of Brokeback at the Toronto International Film Festival, and he was wearing one of his hot suits:

It seems like the poor dear forgot to pack his razor ... but it's all good, the scruffy really works for him.

If it's not one premiere, it's another ... here is a picture of Jake with co-star Gwyneth Paltrow at the Toronto premiere of their new movie, Proof:

I don't like this suit as much as I like the other one ... I think it's the purple tie that really makes the look. And check it, poor Jakey looks sad ... maybe it's because he misses Heath Ledger.

Here is a picture of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal ... you know ... just hangin' out ...

They look like a pretty close brother and sister ... I bet she knows all of his deep, dark secrets. Hot!

One last Jake bit of news: here is a picture of Jake, Heath and Michelle Williams at the North American premiere of Brokeback Mountain from this past weekend ... you may remember that our boy Dave in the T.DOT was in attendance and provided us with a detailed sketch of the event:

It's a nice picture, but it really doesn't do justice to David's sketch. [via Daily Dose of Imagery]

Paris Hilton was front and center at the Diane von Furstenberg show at Olympus Fashion Week this past weekend ...

... then she kicked up her heels at a party Monday night ... she looks like she <3s her Motorola Pink RAZR, too! Loves it!! [thanks Jessie, via The Cobra Snake]

Josh Duhamel and Fergie have also been spotted at Fashion Week:

From the look on Josh's face it appears that Fergie's pants also got spotted (again) as well. ICK!

Reese Witherspoon packed up Ava and Deacon and took them out for a nice day at Disneyland. I'm sure it was part of Ava's 6th birthday celebration:

Aww, these extra pictures of Ryan Phillippe carrying his baby boy are so cute. That kid is going to look exactly like his father ... just like Ava is going to look exactly like Reese when she grows up. It's kinda creepy ... maybe they're clones.

Someone alert the Thigh Master, Elisha Cuthbert is back with a new new movie to peddle. Here is our Lady of Thighs at the premiere of her new movie The Quiet:

From the looks of this promo picture it looks like there may be some lady-on-lady action in this flick ... or somethin' ...

Jennifer Aniston has been spending some vacation time hanging out with Oprah Winfrey at her massively, massive estate:

Damn, Jen's got some nice friends. I need to get in good with Oprah so that I can drive around in her golf carts too!

Check out these pictures of Jennifer Garner doing what she does best:

She looks great. She always looks so happy ... excited. I think she's gonna be a cute mom.

David and Victoria Beckham are the perfect Ken & Barbie couple ... isn't it nauseating? Yeah ... anyways, here we have our first look at their new baby, Cruz:

Awwww. It's good to know the baby looks more like Becks than Posh. Yay! [via ONTD!]

Whathe ...? Stop the presses ... can this really be so?

Hmm ... oh I see ... it's a picture book ... yeah, that makes sense.

Here are some pictures of Hugh Jackman all dressed up like Wolverine on the set of X-Men III:

Pret-ty cool ... I can't wait for the new X-Men movie ... even if it won't have Gambit in it. [via SuperHero Hype]

Okay ... remember how that Lizzie Grubman/Hulk Hogan picture came with a warning? Yeah, well here comes another picture with a similar warning ... are you ready to see this picture of Elijah Wood and his girlfriend? Yeah, I don't think that you are but ... here you go anyways ...

Click above to see the semi-NSFW version

There's no nudity ... per se ... but it is grossly disturbing all the same. Blech. One thing's for sure ... Elijah is not gay. [via City Rag]

David Boreanaz, whose new show Bones debuted on Fox last night, has been spending time in Toronto hanging out at the free swag parties:

I do NOT blame the man at all. Shoot, I'd be there too if I was invited. [via Whedon.info]

Jennifer Lopez paid a visit to Live with Regis and Kelly earlier this week to tell that world that she is a Marc Anthony groupie:

And then she picked up her sister and headed off to another Marc Anthony concert to groupieify ... I don't understand ... she likes his looks AND his music?! Can someone explain this to me?

Check out these pictures of tennis supastar Venus Williams offering aid and providing some comfort to some Hurricane survivors from New Orleans:

It is so nice of sports stars to take time out to do whatever they can to make people feel better after such a horrible tragedy. Rock on, Venus! [thanks Leslie]

Check out these pictures of tennis supastar Andy Roddick offering his own brand of comfort to the rest of us:

It is so nice of sports stars to take time out to do whatever they can to make people feel better ... you know ... whenever. Rock on, Andy! [via FamousMales Forums]

And finally, here is a picture of Mr. Reichen Lehmkuhl from the Sexiest Men of Reality TV 2006 calendar:

Isn't it nice to know that he has no problem getting semi-naked on a pretty regular basis? Make sure you check out The Scorned on DVD to get a gander at Mr. Lehmkuhl's posterior in all its glory.

The news:
So last night Erik and I (along with VLB) were able to go out and pay a visit to our darling little princess Zakiya:

!!!!!!!!!!! She is SERIOUSLY the most beautiful baby EVER! She has grown so much since we last got to see her ... she just keeps getting more and more beautiful.

Oh yeah, we got to hang out with her mother Tracey as well, but seriously, isn't Baby Z the cutest thing EVER?!

And I guess that's it for now ... I have a very cool "thing" in the works but I can't talk about it yet ... if everything proceeds accordingly I think I'll have some awesome news soon. And now, I have to get to work.