Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Run, Lola, Run

While the world awaits the arrival of Fetus Spears, Kevin Federline finds that doing work isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Britney Spears has taken to not going out as much as she used to and has been sending K-Fed out for ice cream, DVDs and whatever else strikes her fancy ... here are a few pictures of a frazzled-looking Kevin running errands for Britney:

I know, I know ... it's hard to feel sorry for someone who has to run errands in his new Ferrari ... but just look at him! He's a bit pitiful ... granted he usually looks pitiful but ... I dunno, there is something about that sad-looking pony tail thing he's got going. Well, it can't be long now ... little London Preston Vegas Kevin Federline Spears should be along shortly. Hee hee, I can't wait to see pictures of K-Fed running out for diapers ...

Jake, Maggie and the other Gyllenhaals were on hand in Toronto for the premiere of the movie Bee Season ... because the screenplay was written by Mother Gyllenhaal, one Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal:

Dang ... them Gyllenhaals are a talented bunch, ain't they?

Check out this picture of Heath Ledger and his pregnant woman Michelle Williams walking one of the numerous red carpets of Toronto:

Wassup with his belly tho? I believe Michelle is due in November ... Heath looks like he's due in January.

Yesterday we saw pictures of Madonna and Guy Richie inside the theater of the premiere of Revolver, today we see them on the red carpet:

They make a great couple ... they always look so happy. It's nice to know that Madonna is so happy with her hot hubby.

One last Toronto film festival thing ... here is one more portrait picture of Jake Gyllenhaal ... I can't believe I left out the picture of him reclining on the couch:

Damn!!!! Kick off those socks and shoes ... stay for a bit, Jake! [via IHeartJake.com]

Back in LA, Hilary Duff is enjoying some relaxing down-time relaxing having just completed her summer tour. Here are pictures of Hilary having a race with her pooch Lola:

Aww, it was nice of Lola to let Hilary win. Hilary's main man, Joel Madden, joined her for some sweet lovin' in the park:

Awww, isn't Jilary so cute?! They look very happy, y'all.

Nicole Richie has been doing some shopping at Kitson in Beverly Hills and check it, she is using her Motorola Pink RAZR:

The phone is HOT! It's cool to see the Hollywood "It" girls using their new phones ... just like me! [thanks Teresa]

Ava Witherspoon-Phillippe has turned 6 years old ... and daddy Ryan made sure all of her birthday wishes came true:

Yeah, I'm sure Ryan Phillippe is a good (very hot) daddy ... he and Reese Witherspoon seem like awesome parents. Happy Birthday, Ava.

Lindsay Lohan is spending some time in NYC -- she has been seen shopping all over the place:

Is she seriously looking a street jewelry? You gotta love that!

Mandy Moore is doing her best Charlize Theron impression with these super long, blonde extensions:

She looks alright I suppose ... but I like my Mandy best with her shorter, darker hair.

Whoa ... what the heck is going on here Mr. Adam Brody?

You know, they have medicated creams for problems like that.

Pink and her boyfriend Carey Hart took a little walk to pick up some booze from the local market:

It's obvious that Carey had to abide by the No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service sign in order to make their purchase. See ... celebs are just like normal people.

A whole slew of celebs showed up in support of PETA for a party ... is that Kristin Cavelleri from Laguna Beach that I spy?! When did she get socially conscious?

It turns out that Kristin was there to promote peta2.com -- a website for teens and college students to learn about animal activism. Cool! Um, was it really necessary for Pink and Carey to act like animals in order to show their support of animals? [thanks Diana]

HURRAY! It's about time!! Heidi Klum FINALLY gave birth to her baby last night:

Congratulations to Heidi and Seal on the birth of their baby boy. Yay!

Did y'all catch Tori Amos on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night?

She performed Sweet the Sting and looked and sounded amazing ... as always ... I <3 Tori!!! [caps via The Dent]

Hey ... what is going on with Queen Latifa?

Either she is filming a make-up commercial or she's about to beat someone's ass. With Queen Latifa, you never know ...

Here are the pictures of Frances Bean Cobain from her interview with Teen Vogue magazine:

She looks so much like her father. She looks like a pretty cool, semi-normal kid.

Great Britain is celebrating Prince Henry's birthday by giving him his own coin:

Sure it's only a GBP5 coin ... but having your face on any kind of money is pretty hella pimp if you ask me. Happy Birthday, Hank!

And finally, do you recognize this man in the pink shirt?

If so and you want to see more pictures from the night he wore this pimpin' pink shirt then click HERE. [thanks Jessie]

Les News:
Yesterday I got to spend some great quality birthday time (i.e. drinking time) with a pretty hot chick (i.e. drunk chick) having pizza and martinis at the Living Room. The Living Room was having a hurricane relief party and ended up raising a lot of money for Habitat for Humanity!

Irish Car Bombs = Bad (but they also = delish)

I need to spend some time today ... recuperating. I'm out.