Wednesday, September 07, 2005

ROKR And Scroll

Everything is coming up iPod today! Motorola and Apple have announced the birth of the Motorola ROKR ... a cell phone and iPod all-in-one masterpiece. The ROKR, which will be exclusive to Cingular in the US and will be in stores by this weekend, will have a 100 song capacity and will be fully iTunes functional:

Apple also announced the newest member of the iPod family -- the iPod nano. The iPod nano, available in either white or black, is set to replace the iPod Mini, will weight 1.5 oz. and will be thinner than a No. 2 pencil. It will be THE SkeletwinTM-like member of the iPod family.

If you visit and the ROKR site you'll get to hear a clip of Madonna's new song Hung Up. Click HERE to see the ROKR in action, including the 3 commercials. [thanks K for the head's up]

WEEEEEEE! I am a huge gadget freak ... I don't know which I want more ... but I can assure you that I want both of them already.

So, so hot.