Friday, September 23, 2005

Say What?

So ... the Internets are all abuzz over the season premiere of Lost ... there were so many things to talk about that I decided to make a post just for this stuff ...

If you are a Lost fan, you need to bookmark the Lost LiveJournal page ... there is so much information there ... lots of theories and great episode screencaps:

Hellooooo .... how creepy was Walt!? Click HERE to hear what he was whispering to Shannon in the jungle. He's talking about a "bad button" ... surely he is referring to the EXECUTE button on the computer in the hatch control room that Jack almost pressed ... Did you notice that the command prompt on the computer screen looked like an angry smiley face?

>: |

Everything that you see in the show means something ... it's so mindboggling! You may have noticed that promos for the show feature the website If you go to that site, click on the barcode at the bottom of the page and type in: theislandiswaiting you will get this Lost script page:

Um ... what???

Finally ... the numbers ... of course the numbers will show up all over the place from here on out ... we know that the numbers were inscribed on the hatch door ... and we now know that the numbers are listed on the vials of liquid that Desmond was injecting into his arm:

CR 4-81516-23 42, FOR INJECTION, 30ml Multiple Dose Vial, Rx-1

The numbers are bad ... right? Cursed, right?

iTunes has the song that Desmond was playing in his bunker (Mama Cass Elliot's Make Your Own Kind Of Music) for download HERE. Or you can try and download it for free HERE.

Okay ... my head hurts so I'm gonna stop now ...

Last thing, click HERE to see a seemingly insignificant deleted scene from the season premiere.

Methinks there is going to be lots of info to be revealed as the months progress ... I think confusing the audience is kind of what they are going for ... and we haven't even learned anything about the other survivors on the island yet.