Thursday, April 27, 2006

"It's Duck Soup For You"

I'm not sure if y'all heard yet ... but ... media shy Tom Cruise has a new movie hitting theaters next weekend ... it's a small, independent film called Mission:Impossible:III which is the second sequel to his minor hit Mission:Impossible. Yeah, this movie is being quietly released and I felt it was my duty to try and clue y'all in ... M:I:III premiered in Belgium last night:

Keri, JRM and Maggie Q look thrilled to be there ... but what of the principal star Tom Cruise? Surely he wouldn't have missed this premiere ... I wonder where he was ... [Source]

... oh that's right, Tom is freaking crazy ... he was busy scaling the rafters showing the world how excited he is about his new movie, his new baby and his new woman:

Someone should do the guy a favor and shoot him with a tranq gun ... the overzealous homeboy is gonna have a heart attack one of these days. [Source]

Charlie Sheen is doing his best to try and portray himself not as a gay-porn lovin' gambler with a ravenous hunger for prostitutes and death threats but as a kind and gentle lover of children with a deep desire to design clothing for little kiddies ... here are pictures of Charlie and a bunch of kids who better have been paid a lot of money for their participation in this fiasco:

Irregardless of what you think about Denise Richards' allegations against Charlie he still looks creepy as hell hovering over these little kids. Does he seriously think that people would view him as a clothing designer for kids?! It's a ridiculous notion no matter the circumstance. C'mon, even if the guy wasn't getting sued left and right I still don't think a business venture working with small children is a good idea. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans (swoooooon) are working together on the new film The Nanny Diaries ... here are a couple of pictures of the pair shooting a scene on the campus of Columbia University:

He is hot! She is lucky. First she makes out with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Match Point and now Chris Evans? Yeah, I officially hate her ... and her stupid new hair color. [Source, thanks Kristen & Amanda]

Whoa ... what is going on here? Why does it look like Nicole Richie is vying for the position of Ashley Olsen?

All she needs is a pair of ugly boots and an assistant holding a garment bag in front of her face and Nicole will have the complete look down. [Source]

Nicole's new BFF Mischa Barton is being seen all over the place with her new puppy Ziggy in tow ... it's like the summer of 2005 all over again ... will puppies become the new handbag again this summer?

Well at least this season's accessory doggies come complete with their own handles. [Source]

Janice Dickinson is seriously one crazy-insane woman ...

... and she's not even a Scientologist! She kinda scares the hell outta me. [Source]

Sharon Stone appears to be trying out a new look in a desperate attempt to try and erase the horrible failure that was Basic Instinct: 2 ...

... altho, I think rummaging around in Halle Berry's trash can litter box is not the way to go. She should try for something a more subtle and a lot less pleather. [Source]

I absolutely hate it when mysterious celebs go out in public and manage to successfully mask their true identities:

Those celebs are so damn sneaky. [Source]

ANYWAYS ... Jessica Simpson is starring in a new movie called Employee of the Month ... here is one of the first promo pics released for the flick:

The movie also stars Dax Shepherd (the unlucky one) and Dane Cook (the lucky one). I somehow think that this is a movie that Nick Lachey might be saving for NetFlix. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of the new issue of Russian Seventeen magazine:

Man ... those Russkies are really making a play in the magazine arena. That's pretty coolski. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez, in addition to being the más bella of the Más Bellos for 2006, is the face of Lux shampoo ... here are a couple of her adverts:

So that's her secret for having such silky and luxuriously soft hair! What ... is she too good for Suave shampoo? Huh ... you learn something new every day. [Source]

Here is the cover art for the Neil Gaiman tribute album that is due to be released this summer:

Wee! Gothy goodness! The album features songs from Rasputina, Cruxshadows, Voltaire and Tori Amos. Love it! [Source]

And finally, I have to wish a Happy Birthday to Jessica Alba who turns 25 years old today:

Try as she might to hide them, her bobbies just can't be contained ... they'll make their debut someday. Anyways ... Happy Birthday! [Source]

I also have to send out lots of love and birthday wishes to Brooke!!! XOXO

Last night I attended a Detroit-area screening of the new movie Brick. I wanted to get there early enough to secure a good seat ... apparently every person over the age of 65 in the Royal Oak area decided to do the very same thing. I'm fairly certain that every senior citizen in town came out for this free movie (as they probably do for any free movies that are offered). Anyways, I was able to get a seat for this awesome movie:

The thing that struck me most about this movie were the well-developed characters ... they all came across as if they were cartoon characters -- or comic book characters. They seemed hyperhuman, as if they existed in a different world (if that makes any sense at all). The story is well told ... I kept trying to see where it was going but so many things were going on at once that I stopped trying and just tried to keep up. Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a very cool cat. Joseph did an amazing acting job ... and while I want to say he was totally believable I have to admit that I had a hard time buying the fact that 1.) he was that smart (for being so young) and 2.) he could take that many punches to the face (and hits to the body) and still manage to function normally. Tug was a great, flawed character ... he looked like a guy who listened to way too much Eminem. Pin was very comical and his mother was hilarious ... I was also surprised at how funny the movie was ... there were many instances where the audience erupted in laughter. I think Brain was my favorite character ... he made the perfect sidekick. Even tho I think I "got" everything I think I'd like to see the movie one more time ... just to make sure. It's that good, y'all.

This afternoon I'm having lunch with my friend Sherri and then tonight I'm hopping on a plane to NYC for a few days ... well ... I'm sure y'all know why :)

That's it ... I'm out.