Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So everyone is all aflutter over the "news" that Britney Spears is pregnant with her second child. Apparently, so the story goes, Britney broke the news to her family over the Easter weekend and when this photo of Britney in Las Vegas (taken last weekend) surfaced US Weekly decided to break the story:

I'm still not convinced ... I don't see a bump on her at all. Either she's really not pregs or she's put on enough weight to mask her growing stomach. Personally, I'm not sure I'll fully believe it until we get official confirmation from either or People magazine (Brit's fave mag). In other news, Britney has been seen tooling around town in her new convertible Mini Cooper which I think suits her ... altho, because the car is so small she's not going to be able to drive around with Sean Preston on her lap. [Source, Source]

Mission:Impossible:III had its UK premiere last night and, once again, Tom Cruise managed to whip everyone into a frenzy ... here are a few pics:

Not only did Tommy entertain the crowd by playing photog, but he did so for almost four hours: [Tom] spent near-on FOUR hours chatting to his fans in London, no doubt about his new baby Suri with fiancee Katie Holmes ... Tom went on to tell the press that he'd spoken to Katie "about a billion times" since flying out to promote the film and that his daughter was "beautiful". The actor also revealed that he may well be joined by his wife-to-be at his next film premiere, because he wants to make a movie with her. He told Russell Brand on MTV's 1 Leicester Square: "I can't wait to do a movie with Kate. I don't think working together is a bad idea at all." Hmmm ... this sounds like phase 3 of their contracted relationship. Phase 1: Show the world how much they love one another, Phase 2: Bring forth a demonspawn, Phase 3: Work on a film together. Yes, things seem to be progressing nicely for TomKat -- so far, so good. [Source]

Pink reader Erin was at the 10th Anniversary Celebration for Rent in NYC on Monday and she sends in these amazing pictures from the event ... apparently, all of the actors who ever starred in Rent gathered together to perform Seasons of Love en masse:

How cool is that?! The original cast members are the ones on the steps and along the top and the cast members from the touring companies are everywhere else. It looks and sounds like it was an amazing event. Damn ... now I want to see the show again (for, like, the 30th time). [thanks Erin & Amanda]

Brangelina have given Hello! magazine special access to their private world ... they invited the magazine to interview and photograph them (along with baby Zahara) while they hide out in Namibia:

Don't the pictures look cold and impersonal to you? Even tho they are posing as a loving family, playing with the baby, they still look stiff and staged. I love how Brad and Angelina simply cannot be photographed without their sunglasses. No matter, Zahara looks adorable with her little handkerchief on her head ... but I wonder what happened to Maddox? Do you suppose Zahara had him "taken care of" because he was stealing too much attention away from her? I wouldn't put it past the little mynx. [Source]

Ahhh ... remember the halcyon days back when Denise Richards and Heather Locklear were the tightest BFFs ever? Let's look back on that magical time and remember the good times when Denise and Heather were completely comfortable kissing one another full on the mouth:

I somehow think that their kissing days are over ... head on over to to watch video of this kiss from Denise's guest stint on Spin City (which starred Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear). [Source]

Axl Rose appears to be taking the comeback of Guns 'N Roses seriously ... he's even hooked up with NYC's hottest hipsters in an attempt to win over a new audience ... here is a picture of Axl with Leigh at MisShapes last weekend ... but he didn't stay long ... as soon as the DJ started to play Welcome to the Jungle he left:

I think it's great that Axl is reaching out to the hipster community -- You go white boy ... I'm not even gonna make a fuss about your super ridiculous braids ... you give it all you got. [Source, thanks Tricia]

Aww ... what a good wife Reese Witherspoon is ... here she is coming back from the coffee shop with tea for her and someone else:

I hear that working out in the hot sun is dehydrating ... do you suppose she was bringing that second cup of iced tea to her hubby Ryan Phillippe? Cute! [Source]

Paris Hilton may have lost her Bentley in a poker game but she is holding on tight to her new winged Mercedes:

I hope she's not dumb enough to try and gamble with this bad boy ... it's way too sweet to be lost in a poker match. Paris can't be that stupid ... right? [Source]

Paula Abdul loves to shop about as much as she loves her booze ... so when she combines her two loves you know it's gonna be fun times ... check out this picture of Paula taking a break from her 7-hour shopping trip at Lounge in NYC:

Miss Paula ordered a bottle of champagne, to lubricate her shopping habits, and then went on to spend her 7-hour shopping trip inspecting everything in store, taking time out occasionally to hug every person on the premises. Woot! I bet the folks at Lounge lurve her ... and I do too! Paula's my girl ... drunk or not ... she's forever my girl. [thanks Samantha]

Prince William is a handsome lad ... here are some pictures of his royal soon-to-be majesty hanging out with some seamen on a boat:

You just know that Wills is really good at battening down those hatches and cleaning up the poop deck. [Source]

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is more a land lover ... here are pictures of the No. 2 son playing G.I. Joe with his military buddies:

The cammo makeup looks a bit silly but I do like his big gun. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal graces the cover of the new issue of Russian GQ magazine:

I had no idea that Russian men were fashionable enough to warrant their own version of GQ magazine but I do commend them for appreciating the Jakey pooness just like the rest of the world. [Source]

Adam Brody is on the cover of the new issue of Elle Girl magazine ... boy, does that magazine know how to satisfy their target audience ...

... and that audience includes gay bloggers and their readers -- WOOT! What's with all the skateboarding these days ... first Jake, then Ryan and now Adam ... I suppose it won't be long now before these hotties start showing up on the cover of Thrasher magazine. [Source]

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is on the cover of the new issue of Black Book magazine:

Damn! It looks like his lips could give Scarlett Johansson a run for their money. He is just hot, I really hope that Tom Cruise doesn't make him crazy ... I'd hate to lose him to the dark side. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Lindsay sends in this scan of Vinci (MTV's 8th & Ocean) from the latest International Male catalog:

I didn't ask why she has a copy of International Male because it's the polite thing to do ... I wouldn't want anyone asking me ... not that I subscribe to International Male or anything like that ... it's just that once you get on their mailing list, the catalogs just keep coming ... and I can't really be blamed for that ... it's not like I want them to come ... they just keep coming on their own ... but I'm digressing ... Vinci, cocky bastard or not, looks pretty good in these ridiculously cut jeans. [thanks Lindsay]

Les News:
Last night I got to hang out with my friend Karen, who I hadn't seen in months, at the Living Room in Berkley. We had an amazing time ... she let me ramble on for a bit about all the changes in my life before dropping the bomb on me that she is engaged! I think my jaw actually hit the table ... and hung there for a few seconds. I am so happy for her!

Upon hearing the news I had to hear every single detail about how all of this biz went down and she just beamed the whole time. I am thrilled for her ... I know she is going to enjoy a long and happy life with her soon-to-be hubby Dave. While we were chatting at the Living Room, Pink readers John and Mark came over to say hello (I also have to give a shout out to Gina and Karen's sister Amy). Unfortch for Karen, who is still a teacher, we had to make it an early night.

Tonight I'm hanging out with Tracey ... we're planning on seeing Tsotsi at the Maple Art Theater ... and I'm very excited!

I guess that's it ... I'm out.