Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MTV VMA Forum: Ashley Parker Angel

I just got to chat with former O-Town and current solo artist Ashley Parker Angel ... we talked a bit about the blog and how he likes to read it and we talked a bit about his MTV reality show, his new album and his tour with Ashlee Simpson:

Ashley even whipped out his wallet to show me his most current pictures of Lyric, his baby boy. We talked a bit about how maybe we might be able to set up a playdate with Lyric and Zakiya some day :) Wouldn't they make an insanely cute couple?

OMG ... it's a serious madhouse, there are celebs EVERYWHERE ... it's fun, chaotic and totally exciting. Fall Out Boy (who I'm scheduled to talk with later on today) are doing an interview with a radio station right in front of me ... I have a sweet picture of Pete Wentz' booty crack (courtesy of his low-rise, super-tight white pants) ... I'll post the pic later on when I post my pic of the band from our interview :)

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Ashley Parker Angel.