Friday, December 29, 2006

We Had A Gay Ol' Time

2006 was a good year for the gays. A lot of closeted celebs decided to come out of the closet and reveal their true sexual orientation. I cannot stress how thrilled I was every time a celeb came out of the closet. This was truly a banner year for the gays.

Chad Allen got the year started as one of the few out actors:

Pop star Stephen Gately took advantage of the legalization of same-sex couples in civil unions in the UK and married his longtime boyfriend Andrew Cowles:

Nip/Tuck got pretty gay this season ...

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

... even tho nothing gay really happened to (or between) either Dr. Troy or Dr. McNamara:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

Still, we got to see a lot of hot man booty on the show.

The fantastically funny and sexy gay comedy Eating Out got a super hot sequel and a super hot new nekkid guy to admire:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

Le sigh.

I think the biggest gay story of the year was when Lance Bass came out of the closet in the pages of People magazine:

Then he revealed to the world that he was happily dating Reichen Lehmkuhl:

And altho rumors circulated that the pair had broken up, they wind up 2006 still together and happy:

In the wake of Lance's coming out, Grey's Anatomy's TR Knight also came out to People magazine:

And so did Neil Patrick Harris:

Wee! We still need more gays to feel comfortable enough to come out ... and I look forward to welcoming them when they do.

Clay Aiken got himself in a bit of a scandal when it was alleged that he was cruising for man sex on the Internets:

Altho he denies that he is the person in these pictures.

Anderson Cooper has not come out as gay:

But he does keep some excellent company. Eh, he's a stone fox regardless.