Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Letter Of Truth: Lights Of The World Edition

Britney Spears speaks, y'all! has been updated, it's been pretty much totally revamped actually, with a new message from Britney thanking her fans for their prayers:

The reason for this letter is to let everyone know that their prayers have truly helped me. I am so blessed that you care enough about me to be concerned and will continue to live in this brighter state with all of you by my side during this trying time. We are the lights of the world and we all need to continuously inspire others and look to the higher power.

You are all in my prayers.


Love, Britney

Sounds like Britney is in a really good place right now ... I bet those House of Blues shows have really helped with her self-esteem. It's great to hear her sounding so positive ... from one light of the world to another, You go girl! [Source, thanks Lisa]