Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bazaar Love Triangle

Demi Moore is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine ... which also features an opulent family portrait with her three daughters Rumer (who had to be front and center while wearing the most ostentatious dress), Scout and Tallulah. In the interview, Demi talks about her relationship with her younger husband Ashton Kutcher and her relationship with her former husband (and father to her daughters) Bruce Willis among other things. Here is Demi's new Harper's Bazaar cover and the opulent photo with her three girls:

Demi Moore makes it a family affair in the April issue of Harper's Bazaar, on stands March 20. The actress, 45, who can be seen next in the crime drama Flawless (in theaters March 28), gets candid with Bazaar about husband Ashton Kutcher and her daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Mom and daughters appear in photographs by Peter Lindbergh. As for the age difference between her and Kutcher, 30, which got attention when they started dating, "People made such a fuss about it," Moore tells Bazaar, "you would have thought the world had never seen it before. Age wasn't what I was thinking about, but to the rest of the world it was a very big deal." And about that close relationship with her ex: "One of the most healing things for Bruce was seeing me meet someone who has brought me so much happiness. And I so much want the same for him. We get so much from being able to share holidays and spend time with all of us together. The kids don't have to choose. They're getting double the support, double the love, double the encouragement." Daughter Tallulah, 14, echoes that sentiment. "We are one big family. Late at night, after a long day, we can sit around and laugh with one another." The importance of family, including Moore's other daughters, Rumer, 19, and Scout, 16, is apparent when Kutcher weighs in. "I have a rule for myself when I am not on location shooting: that I am home for dinner by 6 every night."

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the Moore-Willis-Kutchers want us to believe that they sing to each other to sleep each night (I'm guessing Cumbaya is their song of choice) whilst holding hands in happy unison and counting their blessings for the overwhelming outpouring of love that they feel for one another. This is deffo a family of strange birds but if they make it work, good on them! [Source, Source]