Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is Lance Bass Back On The Market?

Pink reader Cara gave me the head's up that Lance Bass, who has been spending some time in Sydney, Australia for their Mardi Gras this past weekend, has updated his official My Space profile to say that he is currently "single" and boyfriend Ben Thigpen has been removed from his Top Friends list ... here is a screen shot of his profile page:

Because it is always hard to tell what is really going on in a relationship by way of relationship status on My Space, I checked out Ben Thigpen's Facebook profile to see if anything had been changed on his profile page. Ben still list himself as "in a relationship" and announces that he, too, is in OZ this week (he's there 'til March 21) ... but still, the fact that Lance has already updated his My Space relationship status is troublesome ...

... could it be that the fairytale romance of La-Ben has already hit the rocks? I really thought that they made a cute couple ... I guess we'll have to see how this plays out in the long run. The boys are both in Australia right now ... we may not know what the dealio is betwixt the two of them until they return home to the States. [Source]