Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bittersweet And Sour

Ashlee Simpson and Geffen Records have released the cover artwork for Ashlee's new album Bittersweet World ... check it out:

Blah ... color me unimpressed ... I mean, it's not a terrible photo but it seems really generic with really generic Photoshopping which makes me fear the album might sound really generic -- not that the cover artwork has anything to do with the content but still. I was really digging the visual vibe of the album a few months ago (the pic of Ashlee carrying a bigass boom box while wearing high heels that was featured on her site was pretty hot). I will deffo reserve judgment on the music itself until I hear it ... but I cannot believe this album artwork actually got approved for release. To be honest, I think the artwork for her single Little Miss Obsessive is more creative than the actual album artwork. [Source]

In unrelated news (except for the fact that Ashlee and Pete are makin' the sweet lurve together), Pete Wentz was spotted on the streets of NYC carting around his own luggage like a normal person ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... tho it should be noted that this normal guy is carrying around a piece of luggage that is abnormally priced. This Louis Vuitton bag is priced at $1,185.00 ... which seems pretty pricy considering the bag is prolly packed full of Hanes underwear ($6.99 for a pack of 3), Clandestine t-shirts and jeans (free) and Converse shoes ($50.00). Love it!! [Source]