Saturday, March 08, 2008

Robot Love

The fabulously stylish Vicki B. took her children out for a little play date to a park in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday where she was spotted doing a bunch of mommy things ... like doting on her youngest child Cruz Beckham before appearing to grab hold of him for a stern talkin' to:

Photo credit: X17

I suppose it's possible she was merely whispering sweet nothings into his ear before picking little Cruz up but it really does look like she was being cross with him. You know, I just don't understand how anyone could want to scold that adorable little boy. I love how the back of his cap reads Cruz-Control. LOL!

Additionally, Vicki B. was spotted spending time with her other children ... and by "spending time with" I mean "stealing away their toys so that she can play with the toys herself":

Photo credit: X17

I don't really understand why VB needed a remote control to manipulate that little toy car ... wouldn't it just be easier for her to assimilate it so that it could become one with the Borg? In any case, I do love seeing VB out with the kids ... it paints a very warm, loving picture of her that we don't normally get to see. It gives me a bit of hope that when I jokingly tell my computer that I love it that it might one day love me back. [Source]