Friday, March 14, 2008

Britney ... One More Time?

Pop tween phenom Miley Cyrus (aka the insanely popular Hannah Montana) likes talking to any news outlet who asks about how she won't end up like Britney Spears, despite the fact that both ladies got their start in the biz by working for Disney, both attained similar worldwide success at a young age and both Miley and Britney rocked practically the same exact look at the same point in their careers (Britney circa 1998, Miley circa now):

According to Miley, she won't follow the same dangerous trajectory as Britney Spears did saying, "Well, I'm aware that things can happen but I keep my friends and family superclose and that really helps."

And exactly what kind of friends does Miley Cyrus have? Funny you should wonder since she counts Jamie-Lynn Spears, Britney's unwed 16-year old and pregnant sister, as one of her besties ... who went and made Miley cry by getting knocked up at such a young age:

"When I first heard she was pregnant, I started crying. I was heartbroken to tell you the truth because she's my friend and I didn't want her life to change. But now she's actually getting really excited and even though it's a difficult situation, I'm happy for her now because she's happy that she made the choices she did."

Uh huh. Now, I'm not drawing any conclusions here ... I'm merely bringing all of this curious information and all of these curiously coincidental circumstances to light. It's always very dangerous for a person in the public eye to speak in absolutes (remember when Britney swore she was a virgin and then it came out that she was not a virgin at the time she made the statement?) so little Miss Miley should tread carefully here. If her career continues to soar to new heights she may find herself in the same sort of Britney Spears-esque predicaments even if she can't see it now ... and then her comments might come back to haunt her. If that happens, it just might break her fragile little Achey-Breaky Heart ... and then I'll have to cry :( [Source]