Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost: It's Gettin' All Topsy, Turvy In This Beyotch


Aww yeah, aww yeah ... Lost is SOOOO good right now! Things are progressing very nicely on and off the island (depending on what time frame we're talking about) and last night's ep was a great, confusing step forward (and backward) in the storyline. And can I just say, for the record, that I am *so* happy that all that time-traveling stuff has been, thus far, relegated to just that one ep (you know the one). I prefer my Lost time shifts to occur in flashbacks and flashforwards, the way they ought to be done:

Okay, in previews for last night's ep, we were promised that we'd find out who the "last members" of the Oceanic 6 would be. We deffo know that Sun is among the Oceanic 6 (along with Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid) but are we to assume that Sun's off-island newborn baby girl Ji Yeon is survivor #6? Or did Jin make it off the island, get counted among the Oceanic 6 and then die? See, this part is very confusing ... we did see Jin's gravestone at the end of the ep (and the dates on the stone weren't very clear about what was what ... more on this in a bit) but that doesn't mean that he's really dead ... it could've been a memorial marker for him off the island in the real world and he's just alive (with the other survivors?) back on the island. And if they are counting babies, then they should instead count Aaron (Kate's "son" who really belongs to Claire) as one of the Oceanic 6, since he survived the crash (in his real mother Claire's womb) and made it off the island with his "mother" Kate instead of counting the just off-island born baby Ji Yeon (that is, if they do count her at all ... AND we cannot forget that we know for sure that Ben also makes it off the island, whether or not he is counted among the 6 is still in question). But I'm getting ahead of myself ... let's get to everything in order. Our first hint that something was amiss on the ship was when we saw that woman, Regina, reading her book upside down ... I think at that point, most of us knew that something bad was gonna happen (and let's face it, the poor bedraggled woman looked like she was on the verge of a Britney Spears-esqe melt down). I wasn't the least bit surprised when Miss Crazy wrapped herself in chains and jumped into the ocean ... nor was the ship's crew surprised -- it looked like it was something they had seen before. Oh and I love how Desmond looks to be totally healed from all of his random time traveling just because he gave his lovermuffin Penny a call on Xmas eve -- LOL. Now, I have to confess that I knew that Jin's off-island scenes took place in the past -- his old skool Nokia phone and the reference to the Year of the Dragon (ie. the Year 2000) were the giveaways. The Sun scenes confused me since I didn't consider that the ep was showing both a flashback and a flashforward ... sneaky producers. We found out that the ship's Captain's name is Gault (according to Entertainment Weekly but I kept hearing Golden when I replayed it over and over to be sure) and the ship is called Kahana -- these names will prolly be significant at some point (a of yet, I haven't figured it out). The big shocker was supposed to be Michael's appearance on the ship ... except his name is Kevin Johnson ... so we'll have to wait until next week to find out what the hell is going on with him. I was more shocked by the revelation that Sun and Jin's scenes were not in the same time period ... and that Jin is allegedly dead. His gravestone had some dates and numbers on it:

1974, 11/27 = his birth date?
2004, 9/22 = his death date?

The 2004 date is weird because Oceanic Flight 815 is supposed to have crashed in September of 2004 ... does this mean that he is among the "dead" from the plane crash, according to the story told to the world by the Oceanic 6?

Also, there was another date listed on the left side of the gravestone:

1980, 3/20 = ????

I'm sure someone out there will able to figure these dates out or at least come up with a feasible explanation (it did occur to me that the 1980 date could be Sun's birthdate and her death date hasn't happened yet ... I dunno). Ahhhh, it's maddening ... and I love it! I want more, more, more! Next week's ep preview promises that SOMEONE. WILL. DIE. I can't wait to find out who ... and I really hope that A.) they can explain the whole Michael/Kevin Johnson thing to my satisfaction and B.) we will have absolute confirmation of who the damn Oceanic 6 is! [Source]