Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bust Out The Moonshine, We've Got Some Celebratin' To Do!

In one last bit of Spederline-related news, it seems that congratulations are in order for the famed Federline family. US Weekly is reporting that Cameron Federline, the 23-year old younger brother to Babydaddy of the Year Kevin Federline, is the proud pa of a bouncing baby girl of his own as of about a week ago:

Sean Preston and Jayden James have a new playmate. Kevin Federline's younger brother Cameron has welcomed a baby girl, Usmagazine.com has learned. Cameron, 23, and his wife greeted their newborn about a week ago. She was born with an upper respiratory illness, but "she is OK now, and they are doing great," a source close to the family tells Us. "Kevin is really excited to be an uncle. Cameron was arrested last year for serving alcohol to minors, among other charges. Britney Spears reportedly attended Cameron's high school graduation in his hometown of Pendleton, Oregon, while married to Federline.

Ah yes ... I was wondering when the younger Federline chap was gonna start fathering his own brood of young'ns. At 23, he strikes me as a bit of a late bloomer. I can imagine that Cameron Federline is sort of the black sheep of the family. While he has managed to uphold the family tradition involving arrest and incarceration, let's not forget that he not only managed to successfully graduate from high school with a diploma but he also managed to father this child IN wedlock ... something that makes him a very unique member of the Federline familia. Much congrats to Cameron and his, undoubtedly, proud yet unnamed wife! [Source]