Friday, March 07, 2008

The Death Of "J.Lo"

Is Jenny from the Block no longer Jenny from the Block? Are we now to be fooled by the rocks that she's got? TMZ is reporting that new mommy Jennifer Lopez has demanded that People magazine NO LONGER refer to her as J. Lo anymore as one of the stipulations of her reported $6 million dollar deal for the magazine's exclusive right to the first photographs of her twin babys Emme and Max:

TMZ has learned not only has Jennifer Lopez sold her baby pics to People mag for a cool $6 mil -- she got the mag to agree to stop calling her J.Lo! A source tells TMZ J.Lo made the deal and threw in the moniker clause as well. We're also told J.Lo instructed People, in addition to the loot and the name thing, that her hubby, Annie Leibovitz wannabe Marc Anthony, has to be the one to shoot the photos

TMZ then goes on to say that, when contacted, People magazine gave this statement about their item:

"This is absurd, but thanks for the additional publicity on the photos."

Hahahahahaha! To be honest, I'd be a bit dismayed if this report is true and Jenny Lo does decide to distance herself from her nickname. It seems out of character that a girl from the Bronx who fondly remembers riding the 6 train into Manhattan would suddenly turn into a stuffy woman just because she's a new mom. Then again, in Hollywood, it happens all the time. Meh ... I still plan on calling J. Lo J. Lo ... one of us has got to keep it real ;) [Source]