Friday, March 07, 2008

Pink Is The New DOGG

Last night Jordan and I were invited to see Snoop Dogg tape a live performance for Nissan Live Sets on Yahoo! Music on the FOX Studios Lot and we jumped at the chance to attend. I have been a big fan of Snoop for years now and I realized that I had yet had the chance to see the man perform live. This was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. Here are a few pics of Snoop Dogg and the Snoopadelics performing songs off his new album Ego Trippin' which will be released on Tuesday March, 11:

First off, let me tell you how cool the vibe is for these Yahoo! Music tapings. The whole experience is geared for the fans ... it's really an awesome show if you happen to be a fan of the artist on stage. The VIPs were asked to move aside so that the fans could come up to the front of the stage for the show - very, very cool! Snoop's performance was incredible ... the songs off his new album are so fun, I'm really looking forward to hearing the whole thing. During his performance and between song banter he let a few expletives out and quickly apologized to the audience saying that is just the way he talks. If he can swear in front of his kids, then the audience should be able to handle it as well. Then he said, "Y'all gonna hear a lot o' muthafukkas tonight." It was hilarious! The man is such a showman and he really cares about his fans. He did a few songs over and over to make sure it sounded right ... natch, the fans in the crowd were tickled.

Here is a short portion of Snoop Dogg's performance of Drop It Like It's Hot:

I believe the entire concert, including the Q&A will be broadcast on Yahoo! Music but this is a little taste to tide you over in the meantime.

After the show, Jordan and I were allowed to hang with Snoop Dogg on stage with the other media outlets ... I asked him if he was planning a tour anytime soon and he revealed that he is going on tour with the band 311 in order to "do something a little bit different". His album comes out on 3/11 so I guess he figured, why not. Here are a few pics of Snoop sitting at the piano on stage:

Additionally, I was very fortunate to get to take a picture with Snoop Dogg on stage after the show:

During the show I got to meet Tony Pierce who used to write for and now works for the LA Times. We hung out with him and his beautiful lady friends for the whole show. But I have to send out much, much love to Wes for sending me the invite to the show and to Carrie and Stephanie from Yahoo! Music (pictured above) for taking amazing care of us last night. It was because of them that I was able to meet the man himself. Jordan and I had so much fun ... I hope to make it out to future Nissan Live Sets in the future.