Friday, March 07, 2008

Lost: Take The Goodwin With The Bad


Okay, so I have to admit ... as cool as pretty much every single person on planet Earth thought last week's time traveling-heavy ep was, I was a wee bit put off by it (for fear that the time travel convention may get too convoluted) ... but I was THRILLED with the awesomeness of last night's ep. Last night's ep, The Other Woman, had all the classic Lost conventions that we have grown to love (and expect) -- flash backs, new "old" characters, more mysterious pieces of the overall puzzle and, my fave, flashing lights and hazard warning alerts (which hearken back to the good ol' Push the Button/Don't Push the Button Hatch days of yore). As much as I still don't like Juliette (I have major trust issues with her), she is becoming more likeable (well, except for the whole cheating thing) and trustworthy ... I can see how folks are starting to like her but I'm still holding out for a huge betrayal somewhere down the line ... but, that is neither here nor there ... let's get to last night's ep:

So the ep started out with a great fake-out. For the first few minutes, we were supposed to believe that we were watching a Flash Forward of Juliette off the island talking to a therapist about her newfound fame as one of the Oceanic 6. I must admit, I fell for it too even tho, in hindsight, it looked SO obvious. It didn't take long to learn that we were actually watching a Flashback of Juliette's arrival on the island and her introduction to Harper, the island therapist (who looks like my horribly bitchy and incredibly mean 4th grade teacher Mrs. Lee). Now, I saw the whole extramarital affair thing coming from a mile away ... and I kinda loved it. It was great to see Goodwin again ... I feel like the Lost producers have every single actor who's ever appeared on the show packed in ice and put away until they need to come back and shoot new scenes. Not even death (like Goodwin's in the second season) can necessarily mean the end of acting work on Lost (so there is hope that Ian Somerhalder and even Michelle Rodriguez can still come back to shoot more scenes). We were also faked out for a sec into believing that Harper is dead ... her appearance in the jungle to Juliette made it seem like she was a "ghost" like Jack's dad ... but then Jack saw her too -- which means that either 1.) he and Juliette can see dead people (like Jack's father Dr. Shepherd), 2.) she appeared in phantom form like Walt (who isn't dead) does from time to time or 3.) she was really there in the flesh and managed to disappear as quickly as she appeared when she was finished (the whispers in the jungle make it more likely she is a phantom that they both could see). The question becomes, if she was there in the flesh, how was she able to communicate with Ben who is locked up in Locke's storage room? It's more likely that she was a phantom of some sort (a la Walt) or maybe she is dead (a la Dr. Shepherd). Ahhhh, it's maddening not knowing things for sure ... which is what I love about the show. Okay, let's move on ... we got to learn of a new DHARMA station called The Tempest which is described as an "electrical station that powers the island" but also contains enough deadly gas to kill everyone on the island ... so basically, it's your island funhouse getaway. I loved that Daniel and Charlotte (who is more the badass anthropologist than I thought she'd be) had a map of the island ... it wasn't very detailed but for an island that no one can find, there sure do seem to be an awful lot of maps of the island in existence. We learned that Charles Widmore is the ship's owner ... so even tho it's not Penny's boat as Charlie warned, it is a Widmore boat nonetheless. It would seem that Ben didn't learn that it was Charles Widmore's boat until after the Others captured Jack last season ... since he used the Red Sox video tape (of their first World Series win that Ben showed to Jack to convince him that he could get him off the island) to record the footage of Widmore off the island, it seems likely that Ben didn't know for sure who the owner was until just recently (last season's capture of Jack wasn't that long ago on the island). Ahh, it's confusing but I hope you get what I'm trying to convey. So now we know that Charles Widmore is obsessed with finding this island (which makes sense, we learned that he purchased a ledger from the Black Rock ship [that was lost to the island about a hundred years ago] -- we learned this in Desmond's time travel to 1996) which is why he is Ben Linus's biggest enemy. So ... yeah, other stuff happened that is way too much to get into but I'll just mention a few of them ... I loved that Ben referenced the numbered bunnies (from last season), we know the combination to his safe is 36-15-28, we know that Juliette was in charge of taking care of Zach and Emma (the only children survivors of the crash) and that Ben has a bad jealous streak when it comes to Juliette. I think we're supposed to be on guard that Ben may try to do to Jack what he did to Goodwin now that Jack and Juliette are getting closer. We still don't know what is up with Daniel and Charlotte ... are they good? Are they bad? There is much more to learn of those two ... I can't wait for more eps. [Source]

And speaking of, I am SO HAPPY that there is a new ep next week ... here is a creepy screenshot from the preview of next week's ep (where we will also learn who the 6th person of the Oceanic 6 is):

Dun, dun, duuuuuun! The show is so good again!! OH OH OH -- about the Oceanic 6 ... since next week's preview promises that we will learn who the "last" of the Oceanic 6 is then we *may* know that the other 5 have been revealed. We know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are members of the Oceanic 6 for sure -- we just don't know if it's Aaron or Ben who is counted as the 5th person. My money says that Aaron is counted as one of the 6. So, by next week, we will know who all memebers of the Oceanic 6 are for sure. I *think* next week's ep is the last of the eps shot before the Writer's Strike went into effect last year ... but I hear they are shooting 5 more eps to round out this short season. I want more tho ... Lost is so good again ... I'll trust that my concerns about last week's ep were a bit too extreme. I think I'm ready to fully trust the Lost producers again.