Monday, March 31, 2008

Gwen's New Projects

Here are a few new photos of the always happy, semi-perfect Stefani-Rossdale clan as they made their out this weekend to run a few errands and generally spend some happy family bonding time together. In between all this running around, Gwen Stefani posted an update on talking about being back in the studio with the boys in the band working on their new album together. Here are pics of Gwen, Gavin and Kingston out and about over the weekend and the full text of Gwen's post on the official No Doubt forum:

Photo credit: JFXonline

Hey No Doubters,

Been thinking so much about you all lately as I am back in the studio again with the boys trying to write some new music.

What an amazing few years it has been. So inspired going through the dance record phase of my life. Thank you so much for all your support! The tour was incredible. We ended up doing over 100 shows around the world and it was so rewarding and again inspiring. Thank you to everyone who came out to see it ... memories for life! Great to be home with all my boys.

Feels crazy to be pregnant all over again!!!!! We have been spending every day up in the little studio in our house trying to write music. My favorite part so far is just seeing the guys everyday and hanging out. We have so much fun together. The songwriting part is a bit slow on my part...I think it has something to do with the baby in my belly but I'm sure it is all of the process and I really believe this could be the most inspired No Doubt record so far.

Cant wait to see what happens.

All my love

Gah ... she is so sweet and cute, it's kinda gross, no? I do love that she took the time to post this little update on the No Doubt site ... it sounds like she's living a very charmed, very happy life so I guess it can't be so surprising that she's so chipper and upbeat all the time. I can't wait for her 2 new projects ... I wonder if the new No Doubt album will be timed for the release of her new baby. [Source]