Monday, March 31, 2008

Kylie In America

Kylie Minogue has, at long last, made her way here to the US to do a bit of promo for the US release of her 10th album X which will be released in American stores tomorrow. Kylie appeared in a live interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning and here is the live interview in full for your viewing pleasure:

Of course, since Kylie isn't a big household name here in this country, the Today Show had to dig out archival footage of Kylie from her Locomotion days was back in the late '80's to refresh American memories (and to embarrass our dear Kylie) of this little Aussie pixie on their TV screens but, by and large, the interview was a good one. I just love the fact that she's in our country in the first place ... getting to see her on TV is icing on the cake. Here are a couple pictures of Kylie, lookin' totally faboo, during her appearance this morning:

Photo credit: Startraks

Kylie will be the musical guest on ABC's Dancing with the Stars tomorrow night and she will be doing a few more promo appearances in the next couple of days. I am happy to report that Tony and I will be dressing up (the dress code for attendance includes slacks, a jacket and tie!) and attending the taping of DWS which features Kylie tomorrow afternoon (it tapes live for the East Coast). I'm not sure if I'll be able to FINALLY AT LONG LAST meet the incredible Kylie Minogue at tomorrow's taping but I'm going to do my best. It would be a shame to finally get to have the opportunity to meet her and not have it come to be ... but, to be honest, seeing her live in person will be thrill enough. I've been a loyal fan of hers since 1988 (aka "the Locomotion days") and this will be my first opportunity to see her live and in person with my own eyes. Needless to say I'm very excited for whatever will come to be tomorrow :)

Welcome to the US, Kylie ... we've been expecting you ... and for quite some time now!!!