Friday, March 28, 2008

J. Lo's Nursery Of Death

Parents magazine has posted a friendly memo to new parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on their blog that calls attention to the fact that they believe the expensive nursery that has been put together for their twin children Max and Emme is, essentially, a baby death trap:

Photo credit: People magazine

Dear J. Lo:

We all fight for first dibs on the office's People subscription, and this week everyone was dying to see the "world exclusive" pics of your newborn twins. Max and Emme are darling, natch, and you look as glam as ever—but Parents staffers were kinda shocked at the photo of the babies' ornate, Versailles-like nursery, which is filled with safety hazards. We want those sweet twins to stay out of harm's way, so we're begging you ... please babyproof!

• Take the pillows, stuffed animals and blankets out of the cribs—they're suffocation hazards.
• Get rid of the dramatic draped canopies hanging over the cribs, which can cause strangulation.
• Those cute bows tied onto the crib slats? Choking hazards as soon as the babies are big enough to get their hands on them.
• Throw a window guard on that open window!

Yours in safety,

Well, J. Lo is new at this mommy thing so I can cut her some slack but what is Marc Anthony's excuse? Doesn't he already have children? Shouldn't he know better? It doesn't really make sense that they would wait all this time to have children only to keep those children in a baby room of death. It would make sense if they got themselves a subscription to Parents mag just to be on the safe side. [Source]