Friday, March 07, 2008

Confirmed: La-Ben Is Dunzo!

Pink readers Becca and Stephen were the first people to give me the head's up that Ben Thigpen has updated his Facebook profile to confirm the suspicion that, yes, the romance between Ben and Lance Bass is really over and dunzo. Here are a few screenshots of Ben's updated profile ... which includes a little shout-out to me:

Ben changed his Relationship Status to Single and updated his Facebook Status to read:

Benjamin Thigpen is in Australia, thank you for reminding me to change my facebook TRent ;)

It appears that Ben read THIS post from yesterday wherein I speculated that the La-Ben relationship might be over and updated his profile accordingly. Now, I have no way of knowing what could've happened to end the relationship but let me just say that I'm really bummed that they have called it quits. I liked Lance and Ben together, they made a really hot couple. I can only hope that things ended amicably and that they can at least still be friends. The good news for the gays is that now there are 2 hot guys back up for grabs ... here's hoping the grabbin' starts soon. [Source]