Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh, A Wisegal, Eh?

Alyssa Milano, beloved television actress prolly best known for her roles as Samantha on Who's The Boss? and Phoebe on Charmed, is about to star in a new Lifetime TV movie entitled Wisegal. Basically, the folks at Lifetime are taking the mob movie mentality away from the dudes and giving a little bit of the cred to the ladies ... er, well the ladies who enjoy Lifetime TV movies, that is. Here are a few promo pictures of Alyssa in Wisegal and a more thorough description of the TV movie:

From Lifetime: Time for all the "wiseguys" to step aside for the "wisegal" in a mob movie like no other. From Executive Producer Joe Pistone, the real-life "Donnie Brasco," comes a true story offering the female take on life in the Mafia. Patty Montanari, widowed at a young age, takes a page from the neighborhood Mafioso and turns to selling contraband cigarettes to support her three sons. Patty then begins a romance with mobster Frank Russo, who recognizes her business savvy and gives her a nightclub to manage. Before long, she gets promoted even higher up in the ranks. She becomes a big-time money courier for "the family." And although she's living the high life, Patty soon becomes disenchanted with the mob — especially when she fears that her sons may end up "wiseguys" one day. But everyone knows getting out of the mob ain't easy — especially when you're working for the boss of one of New York's five biggest crime families. See how Patty tries to break free without losing her life.

And just so you know that this is a bona fide "mobster movie", James Caan (The Godfather TV movie, Mickey Blue Eyes) has been cast as Salvatore Palmeri, the mob boss Mafioso in Wisegal. Can I just say that Lifetime has really been pulling out the stops to make some pretty entertaining TV movies these days? Amber Benson (Tara on BtVS) just starred in her own Lifetime TV movie titled 7 Things to do Before 30 and now Alyssa gets her own movie. While I'm not particularly big on mob movies, I am very intrigued to check out this movie. I love that little Samantha (pronounced Suh-man-tuh) Micelli grew up to work for The Family. Wisegal debuts on Lifetime on Saturday March 15 at 9 pm. [Source]