Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Space: A Place For Friends

Yay! Altho it has been confirmed that Lance Bass and Benjamin Thigpen have called it quits on their relationship, there is new hope from Lance's official My Space profile that the two guys are still and may remain good friends in the future. Lance just uploaded a bunch of new pics from his holiday in Sydney, Australia where he looks to be having a great time with Benjamin and his BFF Lisa ... safety in numbers, I suppose ... check it out:

Before these photos were posted to Lance's profile I had heard that the break-up of La-Ben was an amicable one ... these pics are just great confirmation that this is so. Let me tell you, it ain't easy staying friends with an ex ... so props to these two for making it work ... and who knows, maybe the spark of romance will be reignited in all this "friendly fun" and love can blossom again. Sigh ... yeah, I'm a sappy romantic. [Source]