Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Return To Form

War hero Prince Harry, who has returned to the safety of the UK after serving a 10 week tour of wartime duty in Afghanistan, has found his way back into longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy's arms this week as the pair were spotted on one of their trademark "nights on the town". There was speculation that Prince Harry might stay away from his usual watering holes in London because of the death threats that have been reportedly leveled at him by the Taliban (who, apparently, don't take kindly to Royals serving in a war against them) so it appears that Prince Harry is being a good boy and staying out of potential harm's way by partying at a friend's place, at least for now:

He carried her picture with him during his stint on the frontline. Now he is home, Prince Harry wants to keep his on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy even closer. Photographed for the first time since he arrived back from ten weeks in Afghanistan on Saturday, the couple were leaving a friend's party where they had celebrated Harry's return. The prince, on leave before rejoining his Blues and Royals regiment in Windsor, is bitterly disappointed that he was brought back to Britain six weeks early after his deployment became public. Perhaps a night drowning his sorrows with Miss Davy for company was some consolation. The couple decided against their favourite nightclub Boujis in favour of spending the night with Harry's close friend and mentor, Mark Dyer, who was celebrating his 42nd birthday at his flat in West London. Accompanied by several Scotland Yard protection officers, Harry drove himself and Miss Davy, 22, to the mansion block apartment early on Tuesday evening. Miss Davy, who took the week off from Leeds University where she is studying law, wore a thigh-skimming skirt, low-cut black top and large earrings. It wasn't until 4am that the couple decided to call it a night and head back to Harry's apartment at Clarence House. A bodyguard drove the prince's car for him, leaving the couple to jump into another detective's Range Rover. They had spent their first few days back together at Highgrove, Prince Charles's Gloucestershire mansion, before travelling to London. Friends said that despite their "wobbles", Harry and Miss Davy were most definitely an item again.

I love the bit about how Harry carried Chelsy's photo with him while serving is wartime duty ... it makes for a very poignant solider clich├ęd image. I'm quite sure that Prince Harry is happy to be back spending time with Chelsy despite the fact that he wanted to stay in Afghanistan to fight longer. I'm sure there are things he can with Chelsy that he couldn't do with his fellow soldiers out in the desert ... unless there is something that I don't know. [Source]